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Tortuga Tavern at Magic Kingdom to See New Menu

by on October 13, 2015 2 Comments



Menus have been changing recently at the Magic Kingdom and now there is one more counter service restaurant that is seeing a change.

Since Pecos Bill’s recently switched to a Mexican-inspired menu, Tortuga Tavern needed to see a menu change. The Adventureland restaurant will be debuting an all new menu featuring barbecue treats.

Guests will be able to order one of three barbecue sandwiches choices – pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, or grilled chicken breast. Sandwiches will be served on Texas toast and sides will include beans and cole slaw. Guests can also choose to enjoy a delightful roasted corn and vegetable salad with a vinaigrette dressing. (Guests can choose to add the beef brisket or chicken to the salad, if they choose, as well.)

Tortuga Tavern’s new menu rolls out on October 14. The restaurant will remain as a seasonal offering.


Trivia Tuesday: Disneyland Attractions + Video

by on October 13, 2015

Disneyland Small World

Disneyland’s “it’s a small world”

We’re back with another Trivia Tuesday here at TouringPlans!

Check out our Facebook and Youtube page for facts and details about all things Disney.

Today’s Trivia Tuesday brings you back to Disneyland in Anaheim, California.


Universal Crowd Calendar Report – October 4 to 10, 2015

by on October 13, 2015

How Did The Universal Crowd Calendar Do Last Week?

How Did The Universal Crowd Calendar Do Last Week?

For the first time this fall we saw wait times higher than usual last week compared to what the Universal Crowd Calendar predicted. Only one day saw those wait times push the resort wide crowd level two points higher than predicted however.

Let’s look at how the crowd levels stacked up each day last week on the Universal Crowd Calendar Report:

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Disneyland Crowd Calendar Report – October 4 to 10, 2015

by on October 13, 2015 1 Comment

How Did The Disneyland Crowd Calendar Do Last Week?

How Did The Disneyland Crowd Calendar Do Last Week?

For some reason last week crowds at Disneyland spiked on Tuesday, something we don’t normally see during the week in off-season. The rest of the week was predicted fairly well by the Disneyland Crowd Calendar. Last week we only saw one day with both parks below the middle point of our scale, a sign that we are approaching the second half of the fall season with moderate to busy crowds.

Let’s look at how the crowd levels stacked up each day last week on the Disneyland Crowd Calendar Report:

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Disney World Crowd Calendar Report – October 4 to 10, 2015

by on October 13, 2015 13 Comments

How Did The Disney World Crowd Calendar Do Last Week?

How Did The Disney World Crowd Calendar Do Last Week?

Crowds at Walt Disney World were up last week but the gap between what we saw and what the calendar expected is much smaller than what we have experienced in recent weeks. Wait times at Disney Hollywood Studios are pushing the resort wide numbers higher on a consistent basis while the other parks are more in line with historical averages. Although, Magic Kingdom did something twice last week that we have never seen – hit a crowd level ’10’ in the month of October.

Let’s look at how the crowd levels stacked up each day last week on the Disney World Crowd Calendar Report:

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Club Disney to Open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

by on October 12, 2015 3 Comments

Sunset Showcase

Sunset Showcase from Rock n’ Roller Coaster’s queue. ©Rikki Niblett

Have you noticed the recent construction going on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios near Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster? This area that is being constructed is an all-new special event venue called Sunset Showcase and it is slated to open later this year, with the purpose of hosting a variety of different experiences.

To start the fun, the space will feature Club Disney, a spot where Guests can join Mickey and friends on the dance floor in a club-like environment. There will be a DJ spinning Radio Disney tunes and the floors and walls will feature images from Disney animation features.

The location will also feature a seating area, which will include phone charging stations, as well as a snack station.

Club Disney is set to premiere on December 5. Make sure to check the Times Guide or My Disney Experience for operating hours.


Full review of the food and drink at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

by on October 12, 2015

Disney Springs has officially staked its claim, Downtown Disney is no more. Now that most of the changes are complete, many guests have expressed excitement and satisfaction with the slow, but dramatic evolution. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar is one of the latest establishments that can be credited with ushering in the new Disney Springs experience.

I visited on opening day and enjoyed settling in and getting the feel for this adventurous, themed bar. During that same visit my friends and I were able to enjoy every single food item on the menu. However, given that it was the first day, I didn’t think it fair to finalize my thoughts without returning for a second visit.




After trying a few standouts again and sipping a few more drinks, it’s time to bring you a full review of all the food items and as many of the drinks as our livers could handle.

You can check out the full menu here.

The food is up first…

Good Dates (Goat Cheese-Stuffed Dates Served with Marcona Almonds and Pickled Vegetables. $8.99) – These were surprisingly pleasing. Admittedly you do need to be a fan of, or at least enjoy, goat cheese as it is a very prevalent feature of this dish. The dates are succulent and sweet. The combination of the dates and the goat cheese make for a rich pairing, and the Marcona almonds add an earthiness. Marcona almonds are a little heartier and have a buttery flavor compared to traditional almonds. I didn’t think the pickled vegetables added much, though perhaps they do help cut the richness.


Good Dates

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SATURDAY SIX: Six Reasons We Love Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 25

by on October 10, 2015 1 Comment

This week’s SATURDAY SIX takes a look at the Six Reasons We Love Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 25. While Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is WDW’s best hard ticket event, the premier Halloween party in Florida takes place down the road at Universal Studios Florida. Halloween Horror Nights (HHN), which is celebrating its silver anniversary, transforms the entire park after day guests leave. When HHN begins, out come elaborate street experiences throughout the entire park, 9 insanely detailed haunted houses, and two incredible stage shows. After 25 years HHN is still going strong and this year is one of the best ever. Today we are going to look at six reasons we absolutely love HHN 25. So sit back, don’t answer the phone (because they are probably calling from inside the house), and let’s begin our countdown starting with…


Jack Schmidt made his debut back in the year 2000 for HHN X. He was created after a survey by Universal revealed that one of the things guests are most afraid of is clowns. He was the first icon given a detailed backstory and paved the way for later icons such as the Storyteller, the Usher, and the Director. Hands down the most popular icon of all, Jack has made several appearances at subsequent HHNs, but was last seen at HHN XX

This year Jack is back in a major way. He is the key figure in advertisements, point of display ticket offers at Publix, tons of merchandise (including his own Uni-Mini), a stage show, and one of the best houses of the event – Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem. Welcome back Jack, we missed you.


Jack Schimdt, the icon of HHN 25. (photo by Mike Sperduto)


Being given what in wrestling is called “the Cena push,” here’s Jack from the 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem house. (photo by Brandon Glover)

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In Case You Missed It: Disney News and Rumors – Week of October 9, 2015

by on October 9, 2015 9 Comments

ICYMIWhew! The Disney Community was buzzing this week!

Of course the major news was about the Annual Pass price increase, as well as potential other increases. Both sides of the issue were vocal about these changes.

Other news includes information about a change to ABC Family, ways to add Disney to your Halloween fun, and much more! This week has a ton to get to, so let’s get to it.


In Case You Missed It – Disney and Universal Orlando News and Rumors


Of course, the big talk of the week is Disney and tickets and pricing. The Motley Fool wonders, did Disney go too far?

This recent pricing restructuring isn’t the only restructuring that could be occurring. It appears that a pricing model based on demand really could be on the docket in the near future.

Speaking of the price increase and a restructuring, this is a fascinating article and brings up quite a few good points that should be considered. What are your thoughts? Read the rest of this entry »

“We Love Disney” Behind the Scenes Preview Now Showing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

by on October 9, 2015



You know, I thought it was odd when Disney announced that The Good Dinosaur’s preview was taking place in the One Man’s Dream theater, and now we know why.

For a limited time, Guests will be able to go behind the scenes of the upcoming album being released by Disney titled “We Love Disney” at the ABC Sound Studio in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The peek behind the curtain is now playing and includes behind the scenes footage with music producer David Foster, as well as with some of the artists who contributed.

This new compilation album will feature interpretations of classic Disney songs by popular artists from the worlds of pop, R&B, country, and rock. (For those who attended the D23 Expo, NE-YO performed “Friend Like Me” which is one of the songs on the album.) “We Love Disney” will be available in stores on October 30 and will feature artists NE-YO, Jason Derulo, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande, Fall Out Boy, Kasey Musgraves, and Rascal Flatts with Lucy Hale.

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