Disney World Hotel Occupancy Impact On Crowds

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This chart shows WDW hotel occupancy for May 1-30, using Expedia as a reference. Here are the same numbers in a graph. Note that I’ve used the total number of hotel rooms in the entire resort as a rough estimate of relative crowd size. Where I’ve referenced “standard” or “garden view” rooms, more expensive rooms may still be available through Expedia (but not necessarily). By using the number of rooms in the resort, we’re trying to get a crowd estimate. In that respect, having a resort like the Pop Century sell out 2,880 rooms is almost four times more impressive than filling the Swan’s 758 rooms. I’ll see if I can dig up the number of standard rooms at each WDW resort on Wednesday to make the numbers more accurate.

In any event, that second weekend in May still looks to be quite busy. Memorial Day, in contrast, does not. But I think it’s still too early to say anything about Memorial Day, as I think a lot of folks haven’t yet booked rooms. We’ll check the same graph again on May 1 to see if the calendar change has got anyone moving.

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Posted on April 19, 2005

3 Responses to “Disney World Hotel Occupancy Impact On Crowds”

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