Request: Photos Of Families Having Fun In Walt Disney World

by on June 20, 2009 13 Comments

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If you’re like us, every decent photo you have of yourself or your kids was taken somewhere in Adventureland.  So we’re looking for photos to include in the next Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

If you’d like to be included, send samples to   Ideally, the photos would reflect some piece of advice or information from within the Guide.  Examples might be character meals, character greetings, having fun on certain rides, restaurant details, or resorts.

Oh, before we forget: If you know of any other Disney photo fans, please let them know about this request too!  Thanks very much.

Posted on June 20, 2009

13 Responses to “Request: Photos Of Families Having Fun In Walt Disney World”

  • Oh boy! I have a feeling you are about to be inundated. Great idea to add more pictures to the book, though. 🙂

  • by Traci Blackwell on June 20, 2009, at 10:02 am EST

    Question: Adventureland only or all over WDW resort? How long will you be asking for submission, going in 7 weeks can take some fun pics then as well, will that be too late for submission?

  • I think I could inundate you just myself! I am very excited to go through photos and send them along! Is it ok to send them by creating a folder on a site, such as Snapfish, and send you the link or do you want them e-mailed individually?

  • Sounds good. We’re going to be in the World from Aug 5-12. I’ll send along some fun ones. Any WDW Today meet-ups during that time period?

  • I will send photos also.My husband loves to take pictures and will send cute ones.

  • Will these pictures be put into the 2010 edition? Also, how much pictures will you be actually putting into the guide book?

    • Hey Matthew,

      They may make it into a book, yes. Not sure how many photos are going in it. More than last time, but I don’t have an estimate or a count.

  • Hmmmm, families having fun in WDW… seems like a stretch to me.

  • Can you use pictures which you have bought the rights for from the photopass?