Updated: Disney’s Buy-4-Get-7 Available Now

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Word on the street is that Disney’s Buy-4-Get-7 deal is available now, if you ask for it specifically when speaking with a Disney agent. (We’re hearing the official announcement is still going to be later this week.)

As of 12:30 pm Eastern Monday, the offer was still available despite rumors Disney was pulling it until later in the week.

If you’ve managed to get something booked, post the details below please.

Travel dates are November 1, 2009 through December 24, 2009 and January 3, 2010 through March 27, 2010.

The deal is Buy-5-Get-2-Free at values and B-4-G-3-Free at mods and deluxes.

We’re told that tickets have to equal the number of nights of your stay, so annual passholders can’t buy one-day tickets. This may change, as we’ve not heard from an AP holder yet who has taken advantage of the deal.

Lots of this information is still unconfirmed. If you call today, post your results here, please.

Posted on September 28, 2009

81 Responses to “Updated: Disney’s Buy-4-Get-7 Available Now”

  • Any idea when this offer will show up on Disney’s website? I called and made a reservation last night, but it was more than what I had calculated(but still a good deal). I wanted to price some other resorts and it’s easier to do it online rather than speaking with a CM.

    • Wednesday or Thursday is the best guess, Kristine. The discount codes are available at Mousesavers.com now, if you want to try plugging them into Disney’s website.

      • Thanks Len. Where on Disney’s website does it allow you to do this. I know about the codes, but I could never figure out where to apply them when booking online.

  • will the plethora of discounts sway the crowd calendar? i have GF 11/15-22 . or will there be a flood of upgrades from value resorts and little net change?

  • Just found the on line reservations with the 7 for 4 this morning. Not a good deal for AP’s. Because you have to buy a 4 day ticket (5 day on line), it makes the price much higher than the AP price. Called ticketing to ask if I could apply these tickets to my AP renewal next year and was told that it would take him a long time to figure it out. I could let my son or daughter use them. He also didn’t understand why AP’s had to buy more than a 1 day ticket anyway. Oh Well.

  • I wonder what the chances are of them extending it through the end of 2010?

  • Informative write up, saved your blog in hopes to see more information!