2010 Disney Parks Free Admission Promotion: Volunteer!

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Just hitting YouTube, this commercial–starring Ms. Piggy and Taye Diggs–outlines the major Disney Parks promotion for 2010: volunteer and get free admission! This will likely supplant the “Birthday” celebration of 2009.

The end-spiel in the ad says “Beginning in January, give a day of service to a participating organization and get a one-day ticket to one of our parks, free!.” They are still keeping the “What will you celebrate?” slogan in their ad. According to the DisneyParks.com website, the “Free On Your Birthday” promotion ends December 31st, 2009.

No word yet on the participating volunteer organizations. And as of 3am on the 29th, and no sign of the updated site–let us know if you see it online!

This is likely to be announced officially at 7:30am on Good Morning America.

UPDATE:: yeap, it was. Also, see the high-quality new commercials.

Posted on September 29, 2009

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