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Below are four different logos we’re considering for  Let us know which logo you find the most appealing by leaving a comment below.  We’ll pick a response at random to receive a free one-year premium subscription.

Option # 1:

Option # 2:

Option # 3:

Option # 4:

Thanks for helping choose the next logo!

Posted on April 19, 2010

340 Responses to “Help Choose The Next Logo!”

  • Definitely #1. Simple design that is appealing to the overplanner-type personality.

    • My favorite is number 1.
      – I like the red colour
      – The fact that you have used all lower case letters appeals to me very much, not sure why, but somehow it comes across as more personal and likeable to me
      – I think the type is easily legible and looks professional, but not “over-professional” (which I think is true for number 4 – that one looks like a cruiseline travel agent’s logo!)

  • To be perfectly honest, I’m not a fan of any of them… they all seem overly serious and uninteresting.

  • I prefer # 1 of them all but do keep the pictures of the book in the top banner somehow. I think it would be a mistake to disassociate the website with the books in any way – there are the utlimate combo / upsell. The book itself is recognizable.

  • I really like the first one. I especially dislike the third one.

  • #1 by far

  • I like #1 the best. Red stands out, Blue blends in.

    I would stay away from using “TP” together as in the second logo.

  • #1 is the most eye grabbing and doesn’t look so hokey. Maybe try putting a simple suitcase or something to advertise who you are inside the circle. The “T” seems a little college or sport-ish.

  • Numero uno is my choice of the four presented here.

  • by annambryant on April 21, 2010, at 5:36 pm EDT

    I agree that they all look a little serious, but I like #4 because the “T” looks a little like Disney script!

  • #1. Kind of steampunkish as well.

  • #2 – Makes me think of Tomorrowland for some reason.

  • I like #2. The font in the circle is very retro Disney.

  • #1 or #2,probaly a little more #2. I like the simplicity of #1 design and prefer the red to the blue, but I like the actual logo/picture of #2 better.

  • #1 is my favorite.

  • by BabylonTracey on April 21, 2010, at 10:26 pm EDT

    I love option #1 – simple and eyecatching. I really think that you shouldn’t be trying to look too “Disney” – I know they are the basis of what you do, but they are NOT who you are!

  • Number 1 is my favorite since it gives the clear address in a simple, strsightforward fashion.

  • Of the 4 options presented, I prefer #1 but overall I would suggest going back to the drawing board.

  • Of these choices, I like #1 the best. I would suggest something more whimsical.

  • I like #1 the best

  • Definitely #1.

  • I like no.1 out of these but I think you should have something that suggests you are to do with Disney

  • Re my previous comment…no. 1 but make the “t” circle a bit smaller and add “ears” on the top of it. Sorted!

  • 3 and 4 work for me. #4 has a disney feel, but i really prefer #3. I think it could be improved by rounding the handles similar to mickey’s ears.

  • No.1 but add “ears” on to of the circle to show the connection to Disney

  • #1 and #4
    #1 says “blog” to me, #4’s just pretty (Main Street-ish?)

    I can see the tomorrowland-ness of #2, after Heidi mentioned it.
    #3 makes me think expedia/etc.

  • #1 is awesome. Immediately stuck out as the best representation of the brand.

  • I believe the first choice (#1) is the best. First, I like the fact that it is red. Red is considered to be warm, dynamic, powerful, passionate, energetic, and exciting. Secondly, I like that it is all in lowercase letters giving me the feeling your site is simple and easy to understand, down to earth. Finally, I like it because it includes the “.com” at the end of “touringplans”. The name and the web address are one in the same reminding us where to go online when we need help planning our next Disney vacation!

  • I like choice 1 the best. The “.com” part is very important. If choice 4 had the “.com”, that would have been my top pick. As it is now, it is merely a very close second.

  • I agree that none suggest the Disney connection, but of the four, #2 would be my choice (with the addition of .com).

  • by michael alexander on April 23, 2010, at 6:54 am EDT

    # 4 to me looks the best.

  • by Priya Satchit on April 23, 2010, at 7:19 am EDT

    #1 is the best as it seems so pleasing to the eye.
    There is a smoothness to it and it does not feel abrupt. The rest seems like they would be missed when surfing through the website whereas the red color in the #1 logo would capture the eye.

  • by Andrew Horberry on April 23, 2010, at 7:25 am EDT

    #1. Simple, reminds viewers of the website.

  • by DisneyNutWI on April 23, 2010, at 8:40 am EDT

    None of them give any hint what your site is about. Adding two small circles, to make ears, on logo #1 would make it my favorite.

  • #1 is the best of the 4.

  • Truthfully, none of them really do it for me. They don’t say “this is the unofficial web-site for the Unofficial Guide to WDW” or “we can help you save time and money on your next trip to WDW”, they’re just kind of plain and non-descript. However, I’ll vote anyway and say #1.

  • I like #1. It is rich in color and kept simple. It first grabbed my attention, and then after looking at each, I still was drawn to the color and font.

  • I like #3–clean and whimsical.

  • I think I’m the only one to like #2–but it reminds me of the TTA, which is wonderful.

  • #4 for sure!

  • by Chris Chevela on April 24, 2010, at 12:07 pm EDT

    I prefer option 4. Blue is a better color scheme, and the font used for the “T” in the circle logo is similar to the font used for the Magic Kingdom and Fantasyland Logos.

  • #4 Definitely!

  • option # 1 is definitely my favorite – simple, direct, clear!

  • I’m going to break the rules here. I like the logo from #2 combined with the text from #1. Sorry, to be difficult, but I’m an engineer, what can I say?

  • #1 is my favorite!

  • I think you need a logo that looks like a “path or road to follow” which what the touring plan is. Maybe a road coming to an intersection to form a “T”.

  • I like number 1