The Site Gets Photo Banners; Introducing Tom!

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Hello, TouringPlanners! Henry here. We’ve been working hard on the site over the past few months, tweaking and adding lots of things. As you may have noticed at the top of some of the pages, the site now sports some pretty sweet-looking photos that help set the mood of each page. We started with the park pages. Then we added images for each land (some of my favorites are Fantasyland, Future World, Sunset Boulevard, and Africa). And yesterday, we added photos for nearly every attraction in Walt Disney World! Check out Cinderella’s Golden Carousel, Fantasmic, Star Tours, or Great Movie Ride for good examples!

Welcome aboard, Tom!

Behind-the-scenes on this project has been the fantastic photographer and our photo blogger around here, Tom Bricker, otherwise known as wdwfigment on various Disney boards. He’s been gracious enough to join our team properly (we’re currently calling him the “Chief Photo Dude“) and continue to help out both with these kind of projects, as well as the blog. And if you want to see some of the epic trip reports that made him famous, go here, here and here. Or his flickr page.

We consider this a project that will never be fully complete — we’re going to continue to look for the elusive, perfect image that captures the spirit of each page. We also may mess with some image rotation! Stay tuned….

Posted on October 13, 2010

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