Shiny New Optimized Touring Plans!

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The new UI for Optimized Touring Plans is here! This new system is a complete overhaul of how you build plans, edit, view and even print them. We’ve also added a ton of new features, including the ability to Evaluate your plan – this new option lets you check out what your predicted wait times would be for the schedule you put together. So if you know you’re going to say, do everything in the Magic Kingdom in clockwise order, just put the steps in the order you want, hit the Evaluate button and find out just how bad an idea that might be…

We’re really excited about this new system! We have some intro videos coming up soon to help you navigate the waters, but until then feel free to check it out and tell us what you think. We have a form just for that – click here to submit a bug report or give us suggestions for the next phase of development. (Two things we’re already working on – the ability to copy and delete plans will be in the next phase, coming up soon.)

WDW Plans:

DLR Plans:

Update 4/21:  You can now copy premium plans into a personalized plan, where you can edit, optimize, and evaluate.  Also, Rests can now have custom titles.

Posted on April 19, 2012

500 Responses to “Shiny New Optimized Touring Plans!”

  • I am new to the site. I have been able to copy the premium touring plans. Is there a way to copy personal plans? I have made a couple that I am really happy with but would like a slightly different version of that includes more breaks and fewer attractions or a slower walking pace to leave room for spontaneity or expectected diversions.

  • One week away from my WDW and beyond excited! Now is the time I am starting to “really” plan my attractions and edited my first touring plan for the Magic Kingdom and I’m trying to understand the “optimization” of the plan. It doesn’t make any sense….

    – The day chosen is a Monday with EMH (yes; I know, MK is considered a park to avoid because of that but I’m going anyway).

    – I’m getting into the park around 4:00 (only flight I could get, check in at resort hotel, that’s the quickest I think I can get to the park).

    – My optimized plan….

    1. It’s a small world (4:11 p.m.)
    2. Get Fasspass for Peter Pan’s Flight (4:42 p.m.)
    3. Ride Hall of Presidents (4:47 p.m.)

    What gives? This is an adult plan (two adults who are physically fit and walk fast with NO kids).

    I understand I can add attractions, etc., however, I’m quite surprised at how the plan output has provided me with 136 minutes of free time and I just got into the park. And oh yeah, did I mention that I was excited and running on adrenaline as soon as my foot hits the Main Street pavement?

    • Hi Mike,

      Take a look at your plan – it’s a math thing, really. If you have, say, 4 hours worth of attractions in your plan, but 7 or 8 hours of planned time to be in the park, then that extra “free” time has to go somewhere in your plan. What the optimizer has done is decided that it makes more sense to put that free time where your line waits would be longer.

      As a simple example, say you want to ride Peter Pan, and at noon the wait would be 45 min, but at 3 it would only be 10. Assuming you have those “extra hours” in your plan, the optimizer will probably tell you to take a break from 12-3 and then ride Pan, as opposed to riding Pan at noon and putting all the free time at the end of your plan. It figures most people would rather relax for a few hours than stand in line for 45 min.

      Of course, if you don’t want to take a break, just add more attractions to your plan, or set the finish time to earlier in the day. Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Thanks Sarah! I knew there had to be some logic but thought it was odd at first glance. I started with the “Late Arrival One-Day Adult” plan and deleted several attractions from that list and then realized that I could put arrival and departure times at the park too. Guess I need to add some more attractions to fill that 136 minutes of free time!