Shiny New Optimized Touring Plans!

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The new UI for Optimized Touring Plans is here! This new system is a complete overhaul of how you build plans, edit, view and even print them. We’ve also added a ton of new features, including the ability to Evaluate your plan – this new option lets you check out what your predicted wait times would be for the schedule you put together. So if you know you’re going to say, do everything in the Magic Kingdom in clockwise order, just put the steps in the order you want, hit the Evaluate button and find out just how bad an idea that might be…

We’re really excited about this new system! We have some intro videos coming up soon to help you navigate the waters, but until then feel free to check it out and tell us what you think. We have a form just for that – click here to submit a bug report or give us suggestions for the next phase of development. (Two things we’re already working on – the ability to copy and delete plans will be in the next phase, coming up soon.)

WDW Plans:

DLR Plans:

Update 4/21:  You can now copy premium plans into a personalized plan, where you can edit, optimize, and evaluate.  Also, Rests can now have custom titles.

Posted on April 19, 2012

500 Responses to “Shiny New Optimized Touring Plans!”

  • by Clark Griswold on April 25, 2012, at 10:19 am EDT

    Can we please (PLEASE, Pretty Please) get The American Adventure added to the Epcot attractions or Shows drop down list. Right now, I am being forced to schedule a “break” at the time we would like to see it – less than, well….Optimal.

    I also know from previous post that it apparent does show in some drop down, but not others. Just so you know I am not “Nutz”, here’s the touring plan # in question:

    • It’s available for me. Bizarre why it does not show for you. Your being forced to schedule a break?

      • by Clark Griswold on April 25, 2012, at 11:01 am EDT

        Carl: Yeah . I know. Bizarre. And “forced” was probably a bad word choice. I am using the “break” function to carve out 30 minutes for The American Adventure because I can’t add it with the “attraction” function.

        Anyone know of ETA on when this issue will be resolved?

        • Hey Griswold, How do you know 30 minutes is sufficient or too much? Without the right estimate, it could knock your plan off either way by several minutes. Then, what are you going to do? Kidding

          BTW, after all these years, your finally planning on seeing a real park?

        • by Sarah Kelleth on April 26, 2012, at 9:05 pm EDT

          See below, but I am going to work on attractions not appearing tomorrow – I’ve been focusing on making sure what appears optimizes and evaluates correctly first. Thanks!

  • It’s working great for me planning a Disneyland trip. I really like the evaluate plan option.
    However, every time I click to view and print, it changes my times. Times change both at the top and throughout my plan. Sometimes if I try again and again and again, eventually I can get the times to show up correctly to print. Mostly, I lose my times and it’s no good to print it because the entire timeline for the day is incorrect.
    I love all the upgrades and new options. I hate to complain, but I invest a lot of energy in my plans and want to print them!

    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 26, 2012, at 8:55 pm EDT

      This is now fixed. 🙂

    • I am having the same problem. I get what I think is a good touring plan and then decide to add an attraction or lunch. Then I ‘Evaluate’ and everything changes. And it doesn’t change for the good. I’m trying to get good plans and it is not working. Someone please HELP>

  • Is it just me, or are others having trouble opening plans created yesterday or prior?

  • by Sarah Kelleth on April 26, 2012, at 11:26 am EDT

    Fixed a bug with opening plans – if you were having trouble this morning, try again it should be up now. Thanks!

    I’ll go through here this afternoon and answer specific questions, working on several things for an update now.

    • by Clark Griswold on April 26, 2012, at 11:28 am EDT

      Thank you. Can you please (Pretty please) put adding The American Adventure to the Epcot attractions list at the top of your afternoon “bug fix” list? 🙂

      • Clark, did you try and recreate a new plan to see if its there? I just created a new one and it’s appears as it should.

      • by Sarah Kelleth on April 26, 2012, at 8:47 pm EDT

        It’s there I believe – check under “T” – I’m going to change the sort order to make things more clear there, most people don’t look under “The”.

  • I can’t seem to find MSEP on the list of attractions/shows. I would like to add it to my MK TP. I tried adding a break and that messed the TP up… Please advise.

    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 26, 2012, at 8:54 pm EDT

      Please let me know the url of the plan so I can help – also, how did it “mess up”? Did you get an error message?

  • by Sarah Kelleth on April 26, 2012, at 8:53 pm EDT

    Ok, I just fixed several problems with Evaluate and I adding a bunch of warnings if your plan is not ready to Optimize/Evaluate – checking that you have an attraction step if you have a related fastpass step, for example.

    I also worked on the sliders – they’re working now, but I think I need to adjust the numbers on them slightly so expect more changes there tomorrow.

    Please note that the World of Color Fastpass booth is requiring some special code that I’m not quite done with yet – it works differently from every other booth. I expect to have this done at some point tomorrow as well. Until then plans with this step will not Evaluate as the system doesn’t yet have forecasts ready.


    • Thanks Sarah!

      It seems like the sliders still aren’t working… at least they seem to revert back to defaults after optimizing is done. I tested in IE8 and Chrome.



      • by Sarah Kelleth on April 28, 2012, at 10:14 pm EDT

        They do revert to defaults when done, but they are sending different values now based on what they are at when you optimize. I may need to tweak the values sent however if you’re not seeing a difference, I’ll take a look and see.

        • Thanks- it would be great if there was some way to know that the plan you’re looking at was produced with a specific slider combination. For instance, by looking at the resulting plan, I can’t determine what the sliders were set for when I optimized.


        • Also- I still see World Showcase related steps in my plans before 11 am… sometimes Maelstrom, sometimes a pavilion.



  • Go Sarah go!
    It must be a nightmare having to adjust compensation factors and all the variables that exist. Maybe one day when the dust settles, you’ll explain how you adjust and calculate the walking speeds. I have long legs, some have short, distances from 1 attraction to the other differ…How do you do it?

    I’ll be down there in a little over a week for 6 days testing out the plans and so, so anxious to test the accuracies of it all.I printed all my plans now, would you suggest I optimize once more and print prior to leaving?

  • I Know you have more important issues to fix Sarah, but when you get a moment can you define very relaxed, relaxed, average and fast. Is fast at a slow jog? tks

    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 27, 2012, at 5:21 pm EDT

      Checking on the speeds – I know we test walking times, not sure what the official description is. Optimizing probably won’t change too much in that time but it’s nice to check, especially since you have your “backups” printed out in case you decide you liked your original plan better. 🙂 If you have a smart phone, you can use Lines to optimize right in the parks – that’s where you’ll see bigger changes, as it checks who is in the park, what the current reported as well as predicted wait times are, and you can complete steps and modify your starting location on the fly.

      If you can, I recommend optimizing in the parks whenever you’ve been in a location for a long time, just to check for unexpected line surges nothing can predict, such as can happen during a storm or if a ride breaks down. It’s also great for providing a little spontaneity in your plan, like a quick shopping trip or extra snack. 🙂

      • Wonderful idea Sarah. I was going to go down with plans printed back home a few days prior to getting to the parks. Never though about optimizing while in the park during a break to see if anything has changed.

  • Sarah,
    I’m still having the issue with Evaluate deleting FP booth steps.
    I keep trying to add a trip to the FP Booth for Tower of Terror. It allows me to add it, but deletes the step when I evaluate my plan.

  • Is there any way that you could enable deleting of personalized plans. I’m up to about a dozen and it’s getting to be a pain wading through my unwanted versions.

    BTW, I love the new optimized plans and that you can now evaluate a modified plan. I don’t always agree with the optimized plans, and having the ability to still get the time breakdowns doing it “my way” is awesome! Great job!

    • Hi Dee, I have a pile of plans I’d like to delete as well. For me its not a biggie. I just rename them something obvious that wouldn’t confuse me with my latest and greatest plans.

      I am interested with your findings as to why you don’t always agree using the optimization option to create your plans. I put a lot of confidence using the optimizatoion button but now you have me thinking. Can you share your experience? tks

    • Dee,

      I think Sarah mentioned further up that deleting plans won’t be coming until phase 2. Just an FYI. I like Carl’s idea of renaming the plans though. I think I’ll have to give that a shot.

  • by Sarah Kelleth on April 27, 2012, at 5:04 pm EDT

    Lots of bug fixes tonight! Evaluate and Optimize should be *much* smoother now, and should tell you when there’s a problem much more often. I think this will be a big help.

    Also fixed the date format validation issue for new plans, and a few other annoying glitches around. I put the code in place for World of Color fastpass – the forecasts have to run which takes a while, but depending on when your date for your plan is you’ll be able to evaluate with it between now and tomorrow night. It will give you a return time of 15 min before the showtime the engine believes you’ll be assigned to.

    I’m still working on some of the attractions not showing, that will be fixed soon. Also, I see a few people asking about delete – that is coming, but it’s part of phase two which means “sometime after I finish making sure phase one is running as smoothly as I can make it”!

    Thanks for all the comments and especially for the bug reports on the form!

  • I created a personal plan and optimized it 6 times with no changes and am getting very different results. The 1st 4 attractions for each of the 6 optimizations are as follows:

    Toy Story Mania
    Movie Ride
    Star Tours FP
    One Man’s Dream

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Toy Story
    Disney Jr.
    Tower of Terror FP
    Studio Backlot Tour

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Toy Story
    Tower of T. FP
    Disney JR
    Tower of Terror

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Streets of America
    Toy Story FP
    Muppets 3D
    Voyage Little Mermaid

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Tower of Terror
    Studio Backlot Tour
    Streets of America
    Great Movie Ride

    now I took above plan and optimized it and received the following results
    Star Tours
    Toy Story FP
    Studio Backlot Tour
    Disney Jr

    Start time, end times, sliders the same. Why am I getting different results? Should’t all 6 optimizations withe the exact attractions provide me the identical plan?

    attached in the plan from the # 6 optimization. I overwrote the same plan all 6 times.

    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 28, 2012, at 10:12 pm EDT

      Hey Carl, Len is taking a look at the plan to see what’s going on. Thanks!

      • Tks S. Hope for a fix soon. I’m off in 7 days

        • Hey Carl-

          Thanks for the details; they’re very helpful.

          The current touring plan optimizer program starts off with a random version of your attractions, and attempts to find an optimized version from there. Because of that randomness, this version of the program may produce two plans that are equivalent, but whose attractions are in slightly different orders.

          That being said, your larger point is that if I run the same attractions through the optimizer twice, the second touring plan should be at least as good as the first. That’s currently not the case, but I think we know how to fix that. Let me talk to Sarah on Monday about doing it.

          We’d done something similar to this in the last version of the optimizer, but not yet in this version. Thanks for the reminder.


          • Tks Len/Sarah, Can you let me know when you’ve done a fix so I can run my plans one final time before I leave. Having 6 different plans is totally confusing and not sure which one to go with. If no fix is done soon, would you recommend that I create a brand new plan and go with the 1st optimize and do not perform any further optimizations? tks

          • Just thought I’d share that I can see the same thing with: 157750. Every time I Optimize I get a different answer. And in fact it seems to get progressively worse. I jotted down the Line/Free/Walk times for several and it went: 107/5/55, 109/17/46, 111/12/50, 120/15/46, 109/31/50… If you add those up, the number keeps getting higher (and the Busy is the same throughout). It finally got a better one after about 8 tries, I think. Actually I guess if you subtract out the unnecessary Wait times some of them were better, but many were worse… Thanks for all of the great work…

          • Sarah/Len, Any update of a fix for the very inconsistant optimizations of the same plan some have been experiencing? I can’t deal with 6 different optimized plans for the same park that list the attractions in very different orders.

            Precise optimizations is crucial needless to say. I leave in a few days and the plans I have at hand are totally suspect until you give the green light that indicates the bugs have been worked out and i can run my plans again with total confidence. thanks both

          • Fix should be live no later than Thursday morning (5/3).

            With this new version of the optimizer, if you run the same plan more than once, every subsequent plan should be at least as good as the first.

            Carl, great job explaining this. I’ll also note that Sarah did a great job getting this into production quickly.


          • Oh, Carl – also meant to say that this should alleviate a lot of the variation in plans you see when submitting multiple times.

          • Totally awsome Len and Sarah. This was a BIGGIE.


          • by Len Testa on May 1st, 2012 at 10:50 am EDT Fix should be live no later than Thursday morning (5/3).

            Hi Len/Sarah. maybe I’m a bit early. I ran an optimization on 1 plan AK 4 times and I get mixed results still. Kindly advise tks

  • Regarding the Personalized Touring Plans I’ve created: When I click enable Optimize and Evaluate nothing happens. Is the system not working, or am I doing something wrong? Yesterday I was able to get the Arrival, Wait, Duration, Free Time, Walk Time fields to all populate. Now nothing. Please advise.
    Thank you,

    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 28, 2012, at 10:10 pm EDT

      Hi David, what’s the url of the plan you’re having trouble with? I’ll check it out.

      • Hi Sarah,

        So one of the url’s we’re having trouble with is

        The Pptimization and Evaluate function not working at all.

        An idea: can I access the old interface so we can schedule/optimize our plans? Problem is we’re visiting Disney this coming week (Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun), so we are nervous the site upgrade won’t be running or functioning properly without flaws by then. Thoughts?

        Thank you for your help, much appreciated!

        David E.

  • Hi Sarah, everything is working wonderfully for my TPs now. Thank you!!! I LOVE the Evaluate enhancement! Only one small thing – not sure if it’s a bug or my misunderstanding. Can you tell me why my plan shows 20 minutes of free time after Pinocchio (and 5 minutes after Pirate’s Lair)? I thought it might be waiting until my FP is ready but only 5 minutes of wait time is needed for that (and zero if DL really lets us use our FP 5 minutes earlier than our stated window time). Thanks! Jeanne P.S. I Evaluate my plan, not Optimize, if that matters…

    • Sorry, thought I included my URL: 150354. Also have an extra 5 minutes of free time after Innoventions in 150371. And 5 after Monsters Inc and 17 after Turtle Talk in 151160. Thanks!!

      • Ah, I’ll have to look at this. Thanks Jeanne for providing the URL.

        • Hi Len, any news on the unnecessary free times? It seems to be linked to when an attraction is ridden using a FP. (The unneccessary free time always occurs before the FP redemption, even thought it’s not needed to hit the window). Thanks!

  • by Clark Griswold on April 29, 2012, at 10:38 am EDT

    I really need so help. You guys are doing yeomen’s work taking care of all the micro / macro tweaks always associated with a major site upgrade, but I’d like to ask of two wimple things can be addressed before the start of the work week.

    1.) Still don’t have the The American Adventure listed in Epcot attractions (See this plan: – you’ll note I have inserted a “faux break” at the time we would like to experience that land in the World Showcase

    2.) In this same plan ( I can’t get the start time for Illuminations to change for 9:23 to the accurate 9 p.m. – Weird, right?

    Any chance these are on today’s :fix list?


    – Clark

    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 29, 2012, at 2:00 pm EDT

      Are you using optimize or evaluate? Just checking, I don’t want to mess up your order by optimizing if you have it planned out.

    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 29, 2012, at 2:11 pm EDT

      Ah, ok I just looked at this – the problem is that the times you have scheduled are impossible according to the optimizer. When you evaluate your Rose and Crown step, even though you have it set for 7:45, your arrival time isn’t until 7:51 – that combined with the 75 min duration and the other walk/wait times makes it 9:23 by the time you get to the central waypoint we have in the system for watching Illuminations. The system doesn’t know that you want to watch from Rose and Crown.

      My suggestion would be to delete the Illuminations step and just put a note in your Rose and Crown step that you should watch from there.

      • by Clark Griswold on April 29, 2012, at 3:41 pm EDT

        Got it. That makes perfect sense and should work. Thanks, Sarah.

        Now, how do you suggest I work in the American Adventure Show? It’s still not on the attractions of shows list. You’ll note I try to work it ion with a “faux break” but I have no idea whether that will work of not once at Epcot.

        Many thanks

  • by Julie Johnson on April 29, 2012, at 11:26 am EDT

    The new version is nice because it gives you times based on the order you input, and it still gives the option to optimize too. This is nice because you can check your own version against times to see if you are on track. However, I have noticed that there are few kinks.

    Towne Sq Mickey and Minnie Meet and Greet is not listed an attraction. The FASTPASS is listed as an option, but the actual attraction is not. When you choose the FASTPASS booth the program can’t evaluate or optimize because the actual attraction is not listed.

    Tinker Bell’s Nook is also not listed as an attraction. It was listed- and even optimized with it- on the original.

    Main Street Electric Light Parade is not listed as an attraction. Related to parades, there is no ‘afternoon parade’ option. You have to choose the name of the parade.

    Also, Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station is not listed as a dining option.

    We leave in 8 days- so I am hoping you can fix these soon so we can leave with plans in hand!

    • Hey Julie – can you let us know the date on which you’re optimizing your plan (or provide the URL)? The parade won’t be listed if it’s not being offered on your date of visit.

      Regarding the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station, we can look at adding it, but I don’t think it’s open often enough to rely on it.

      • by Julie Johnson on April 29, 2012, at 2:11 pm EDT

        URL is 155950; date I’m looking for the Main Street Electrical Parade is for 5/11.
        I’m also looking for the afternoon parade on 5/10- URL is 155937.

        Will the missing attractions be added?

  • Hi Len,

    Regarding the Personalized Touring Plans I’ve created, when I click enable Optimize and Evaluate nothing happens. Is the system not working, or am I doing something wrong? Yesterday I was able to get the Arrival, Wait, Duration, Free Time, Walk Time fields to all populate. Now nothing. One of the url’s we’re having trouble with is

    An idea: can I access the ‘old interface’ so we can have the functionality of schedule and optimize? We’re visiting Disney this coming Thursday thru Sunday so I’m nervous the new UI for Optimized Touring Plans won’t be running or functioning properly by then.

    Thank you for your help, much appreciated!


    • by Sarah Kelleth on April 29, 2012, at 1:58 pm EDT

      Hi David – that plan had a step for Sunshine Seasons dining, but no time or duration, that’s why it wasn’t optimizing. I saw that you already had a step for lunch, so I deleted the Sunshine Seasons step assuming you didn’t realize it had copied over. The plan optimizes now. Are there any other plans you’re having problems with? If so let me know the urls and I’ll check those out as well. Thanks!

  • Len, mistake above… i said “Yesterday I was able to get the Arrival, Wait, Duration, Free Time, Walk Time fields to all populate. Now nothing.”
    I meant to say several days ago. I believe it must have been before the implimentation of the new UI.

    • Ah, thanks. Hey, I’ll be in the parks this weekend (MK Saturday, Epcot Sunday). Look for people wearing red TouringPlans shirts. Would love to hear how the plans are working for you.

      • Looks like I’m going to miss you guys by a day. I have 6 days of touring plans that I will test and report back on this blog and share my experience of the new plans.

        Now if I could only figure out which of 6 very different optimized plans I should be using for Hollywood. I am getting the same phenomena with AK. Several optimized plans, different and which one to use.

      • by Andrew Waghorn on April 30, 2012, at 1:35 pm EDT

        Len, we are planning to be in Epcot on Sunday so will definately keep an eye out. Hope TT being closed doesn’t throw out the lines estimates too much!


  • ‘Evaluate & Optimize Your Plan’ function is now working well for me for Epcot and Animal Kingdom – thank you very much!!!

    I am, however, having a problem with the following:

    When I copy the Blizzard Beach One-Day Touring Plan for Adults it doesn’t copy properly, it puts each activity as classified as a ‘Rest’ so when I go to Optimize nothing is there.

  • I would like to add Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to my Magic Kingdom Travel Plan, but it is not in the drop down menu.

    • I had the same issue – a workaround until they get it fixed is to add a dining plan at Cinderella’s Royal Table and write in the notes that it is actually Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

  • by Andrew Drummond on May 1, 2012, at 9:20 am EDT

    What I think you guys need is badges/titles for submitting feature requests or bugs (like Lines). Then I could strive to be things like “Master touring planner of Dinoland USA”

  • by Clark Griswold on May 1, 2012, at 9:28 am EDT

    Good morning Folks:

    Any update on getting the missing attractions/shows added to the UI? Most notably, The American Adventure at Epcot WS and Fantasmic at HS.



  • Sarah/Len, I’m having the same problem with very inconsistant optimizations of the same plan…

    Very different optimized plans for the same park that list the attractions in very different orders.

    In our case we leave tomorrow and the plans we have at hand are concerning until you assure us the bugs have been worked out and we can run our plans again with total confidence.

    Thank you!!!

    • I’ve been seeing this issue to some degree even in the old UI. But it does seem worse. Often, it has me riding Soarin’ after Seas or Spaceship Earth first thing, no matter what the sliders are set on. I actually have been optimizing 6 to 7 times, writing them down in a spreadsheet, and using the best one… some of them vary quite a bit as has been mentioned.


  • I was told that as of March 7th Disney would start enforcing the “return window” shown on our FastPass ticket so that after that date we will not be able to use the FastPass if we arrive more than 15 minutes later than the expiration time shown on the ticket.

    Is this true?

    Thank you,


    • I’ve heard the same thing. If it is true, then many of the touring will need to be revised. Several of the ones that I’ve looked at have you grabbing a FP in the morning and not returning until the afternoon to use it. That’s another reason why I’ve gone the personalized route.

  • I’m not able to see most recent entries on this blog. Most recent i can see is from May 1st 9:28am. What am i doing wrong? Is the blog not working?

    • Strange, now that I sent another blog message I can see the blog entries that occured after 9:28am. Any idea why this happened?

  • Hi,
    I’m having some issues optimizing a plan for Epcot. I pretty much just copied the One Day Plan for Small Children but added a couple attractions I’d like to see (Mission: Space and Sum of All Thrills) and dinner at Garden Grill 7pm. It keeps giving me weird times for my break and then giving times at 6am the next day?

  • Hi,
    I’m trying to delete attractions on these plans and it is not allowing me to do so. Also once I optimized, the plan looked very strange and does not make sense, like lunch at 9:35 a.m. and wait times of 4254 minutes


  • Is there a plan on adapting the opening times of the parks to represent the current “rope drop” routines? For instance, if a park is letting guests in at 8:45am, the plans are still assuming we’re allowed in at 9:00am.



  • I don’t see the Single Rider line option for Rock-n-Roller Coaster in the plans. This obviously makes a major difference in the plans.



  • I created a custom touring plan, and I have a dining reservation at the Crystal Palace at 8:20, and the system will not let me add it, since the MK doesn’t officially open until 9. What do I do?

    • Hi Anne,

      Why don’t you just start your touring plan at the time you expect to finish at the Crystal Palace. You can write in the reservation details in the “plan summary”. That’s what I’ve done with my reservations for Cape May Cafe and the T’Rex Cafe. That way it’s still on my plan, even though it’s not listed in the plan itself.

  • by Lisa Manrot on May 3, 2012, at 9:26 am EDT

    Emailed, now posting comment here:
    Love the touring plans, and trying to love the new version BUT… I am not able to move steps on any of the plans that I copy. I can add them and then do the eval and optimize. Sometimes it incorporates my new adds correctly and sometimes the computer outsmarts itself. I attached a sample I’m playing around with below. For example, it says I should leave the park, then do another ride and then take my break-time. In that same plan, I don’t trust the times. Not saying I’m smarter than the all knowing unofficial guide! but with my experience I think doing winnie the pooh would be better before break and not the carousel. Also some general suggestions: I always liked having the average weather listed on the plan and would love having that feature back. I also can’t tell if there are extra magic hours for a certain park, it lists rides at a later time but no notes on EMHs. It would be reassuring to see that listed on the plan. I’m not sure if the computer is just assigning a late time even though that ride would not be open. Thanks so much, Lisa

    Magic Kingdom Entrance Edit X 09:00AM 0 0 0 11
    Notes: Arrive at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom 25 minutes prior to opening. Disney transportation is almost always the best choice for Disney resort guests.

    Dumbo the Flying Elephant Edit X 09:11AM 8 2 0 6
    Notes: As soon as the park opens, ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant in Fantasyland.

    Prince Charming Regal Carrousel Edit X 09:27AM 5 2 0 9
    Notes: Enjoy Cinderella’s Carousel.

    Magic Kingdom Entrance Edit X 09:43AM 0 0 0 11
    Notes: Depart the Magic Kingdom.

    Peter Pan’s Flight Edit X 09:54AM 12 3 0 11
    Notes: Ride Peter Pan’s Flight.

    Rest and Chef Mickeys Edit X 10:20AM 0 150 0 10

    10:30AM for 150 minutes
    ** Leaving the park

    it’s a small world Edit X 01:00PM

  • by Donna Coughlin on May 4, 2012, at 3:26 pm EDT

    I have a question, when I hit Evaluate or Optimize are these based on times at the park today? Seems if I hit one of these buttons at any time during the day I get different results. For example I hit optimize and I get different times for walking/lines, etc. Sometimes something will moved on my plan.If it is real time, that makes sense.

  • by Heather Dugdale on May 5, 2012, at 7:26 pm EDT

    I am using the DLR app on my iPhone. Every time I try to add a step it takes me to the WDW homepage without adding the step. What am I doing wrong?

  • by Cindy Hubbard on May 6, 2012, at 1:28 am EDT

    I cannot move around the steps in my plan for Hollywood Studios. It does work ok for my MK plan. I haven’t yet tried Epcot or AK. But I have tried to create a couple of different plans for HS and none of them let me move the steps around.

  • Using the Disneyland version and love create your own plan program, however, it seems the plan preferences (walk speed and minimize wait/walking) sliders are not functioning. No matter where I move the sliders, as soon as I optimize or evaluate they move back to average/balanced. Help please!

  • by Tennessee Dad on May 6, 2012, at 5:34 pm EDT

    Love the ability to personalize plans. We were doing one for a 6pm arrival at MK on Memorial Day weekend, and it said to get Fastpasses for Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh (two hours apart). Is it likely that Fastpasses would still be available at that time on a peak attendance day, or is this a bug in the system?

    • by Andrew Drummond on May 7, 2012, at 10:32 am EDT

      Hi Tennessee,

      If you check out the wait times on the site, you’ll see even in peak days, the FASTPASS system take a long time to run out at Magic Kingdom.

      From looking at May 27th specifically, the Winnie the Pooh FASTPASS will still be available until around 9:30-10PM.

  • Currently, I am finding when I “Edit” a personalized Touring Plan, the hours seem to revert to a default setting (I am guessing the regular park hours for that day). So, if I go in to edit a description on, for example, a half day plan (where I have set the hours to 8:00 (emh day) to 13:00) the hours will default back to something like 9:00 to 21:00(this is for a Disney Hollywood Studios touring plan).

    Also, any update on when the ability for users to delete tourning plans is going to be rolled out?


  • by Eric Neason on May 19, 2012, at 9:11 pm EDT

    I’m having a couple of issues with the personalized tourning plans. The particular one I’m attempting to customize is for Epcot ( The issues are…

    1. It’s not letting me drag to reorder my steps (I’m using IE 9 browser).
    2. I told it I’m entering from the back (International Gateway) but it still seems to think I’m entering from the front entrance.
    3. When I tried to evaluate and optimize, it put the “Leave EPCOT” step in the middle of the day! I deleted that step to try to solve that problem but not sure that’s the best answer.

    I would have simply deleted this tourning plan and tried to start over but I can’t figure out where to delete a personalized touring plan.

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

    • Eric – I moved Soarin’ to the top of the plan and it seemed to evaluate well. Can you take a look at it and see if it makes sense now?

      I’ll ask Sarah to look at the Epcot Int’l Gateway question – that might be something we need to fix.

      • by Eric Neason on May 21, 2012, at 10:37 pm EDT

        Len, it looks right now. Thanks so much for looking at it. I’d still be anxious to hear back if selecting the entry at EPCOT International Gateway (instead of the front entrance) impacts the plan.

        Thanks again for such a quick response!

  • They still haven’t added Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as an option, or the ability to have a pre-gate opening dining option, like Crystal Palace at 8am. This makes it impossible to do an accurate touring plan.

  • There’s also no Town Hall Meet and Greet for the Princesses or Mickey, only the Fastpasses for both. Until it’s fixed, I’ve just been inserting a break for a certain amount of time and naming the break for whatever attraction it is. For instance, I have a break inserted for Bibbidy Bobbidy at 4:30 PM. The appointment takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the level of service you request. That time is now reserved and shows up in my plan as “Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique” for 45 minutes and the notes reminding me to bring her costume and hair brush. There are ways to get around not having attractions listed in the selection menu and still have an optimized plan or one that fits your own time line.

  • Here’s a suggestion: since there are some items missing that people are making custom steps out of (most recently, Dee right above), it reminded me of some issues I had trying to make plans for my trip last month: why not make the ability to have your rest or custom step at a particular location, with or without a specific time.
    Here is what I ran into: I was trying to put in my plan where I needed to be for the AK parade, in the wheelchair section next to Pizzafari, by 3:30. I tried to make it a meal break, but it screwed up Evaluating since I already had 2 other real meals in there.
    Also, what if you have a situation where a family splits up, or is joining another party. They say: Let’s meet up in front of Flame Tree BBQ at 4 pm. That’s a hard time & location, but not a meal. Or if you know you want to take your rest in a certain spot, say the benched near such attraction or restaurant (or even a store?), you can put that in as a hard location & hard duration, but with an open ended start time (just like an attraction).
    These would just let you fit in some other things into your plan, instead of bee-lining from attraction to restaurant to attraction, etc. And allow them to be included into the evaluate, or even optimize functions.
    Probably too many variables, but I can wish. 🙂
    Love you guys! Thanks for taking my call last night on WDWT podcast!

    (PS I believe you had a coordinates function in the last UI version, but I never figured out how to use it)

  • HELP!!!
    I’m trying to delete attractions on these plans and it is not allowing me to do so. Also once I optimized, the plan looked very strange and does not make sense, like lunch at 9:35 a.m. and wait times of 4254 minutes


  • I was playing around with the new features, but now have saved personalized plans I don’t really need. Is there a way to delete them?!

    • Not yet. It’s supposed to be the next phase of the update once all the bugs are worked out on Phase 1. I have the same problem. Since I couldn’t delete the plans that I don’t want, I changed the titles to “DO NOT USE”. I think I have a list of about 12 plans total, and I hate wading through them. I wish it would at least alphabetize them, so the “DO NOT USE” would be grouped together, but I think the list goes by the date that you made the plan, so they are interspersed throughout. I leave in 7 days, so I guess I’m stuck with it the way it is.

  • Len,

    I’m trying to fine tune and finalize my personalized plans for next week. I arrive on the 6th. I made two modifications after “evaluate plan” increased several time estimates and had us arriving late for lunch. When I hit “view and print”, the map went crazy, showing Country Bear Jamboree all the way up on Main Street, as well as other bizarre placements. I know Fantasyland is in transition, but I don’t think they’ve relocated things to Tomorrowland! It’s also starting my plan with step #2, and not step #1. I think I’m done editing and I’m going with my plans the way they were before the shiny new version was implemented. I don’t need this grief when I’m leaving in 5 days. If you want to take a look, my plan number is



    • Well, this just keeps getting weirder. I just went back and opened the plan again, and now it’s right. It definitely changed in comparison to the printed copy that I had. It’s now starting with Step #1 and the Country Bear Jamboree is back in Adventureland. Maybe Dumbo and Barnstormer are all the way over by the Tomorrowland Speedway now? Hmmm….

    • Len,

      Notice that the version I listed first says “print” in the URL. If you click on it, you’ll see the weird version. Now, click on this version: This is the plan before I ask it to “view and print” and it’s correct. Ask it to “view and print” and it goes nuts again. There’s definitely a bug in there.

  • I like the ability to customize, but am making lots of mistakes and lots of versions of the same plan. Sure wish there was a way to delete the wrong plans. Even with renaming it’s getting hard to find the one I want…Also when I put in a dining reservation & evaluate it’s not adjusting for the time correctly. Miss the format you had back in 2010 – a little easier to use for the less “technical” visitor needing the quick plan option!

  • i do not see the evaluate or optimize plan button for the personalised plans,

  • Hi! I will be in Disney Saturday morning and I can’t set a walking speed preference! No matter what, it always reverts to average. It’s very annoying. It happens on all my plans in two different browsers. Please help!

    • by Sarah Kelleth on June 30, 2012, at 1:55 pm EDT

      Hi Jordan, the walking preferences do work, they just don’t save their settings for future use is all. This feature will probably be added in a future update.

  • Are the plans still being updated without Optimizing?! Like with the new fastpass rules?

    • by Sarah Kelleth on June 30, 2012, at 1:54 pm EDT

      If you mean the premium plans, yes we update those as needed and add new plans when there’s a need as well. If you see something you disagree with or think is a bug, please let us know at Thanks!

  • by Donna Coughlin on June 27, 2012, at 8:13 am EDT

    Thanks for adding the delete button, the touring plans are working wonderfully for me, there are still a few kinks but over all it is fabulous! Thanks

  • by Sarah Kelleth on June 30, 2012, at 1:51 pm EDT

    Hey guys, just a note – we’re not actively monitoring this old blog post for bug reports at this time.

    Please email any further issues or suggestions to – we always respond to our emails, usually within 24 hours.