Lines: The Game (In Beta Release) Is Available

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Link to Lines: The Game.

Lines: The Game is a text-based game to play while waiting in line at Disney theme parks.  It is designed to be simple to play on a (sometimes unreliable) mobile phone network.


In Lines: The Game, you’re a guest on a 21-day trip to the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, you took out a loan to pay for your trip. Your job is to make money to pay back your loan, by buying things such as attraction FASTPASSes, food, and clothing in one part of the park, and selling them for more money in other parts of the park.

Visiting Lands

You can visit any of the lands in the Magic Kingdom by clicking the button with that land’s name. For example, if you’re on Main Street USA, clicking the “Fantasyland” button will bring you to Fantasyland tomorrow. Moving to another land will end your current day in the park, and your next day will start in the new land.

Making Money

You make money by buying things cheaply in one part of the park, and selling them for more money in other parts of the park. Occasionally there will be drops or spikes in the prices of some items. Take advantage of these if you can. Anything that you’re holding when your trip ends does not count toward your final score.

Your Backpack

You get to bring a backpack with you into the park. It’s a magic backpack! It can hold up to 100 separate items.


You’ll occasionally have the chance to hire friends to help you carry things around the park. Hiring a friend increases the number of things you can carry. They also help when you’re confronted by opponents.


Every once in a while you’ll find a market that allows you to buy special tools, such as a bottle of “Tour Group Body Odor.” These tools are expensive and take space in your backpack. Tools are used when fighting opponents.


There are lots of people who don’t want you running around the park selling things: overzealous employees, management types, and evil stepmothers. If they catch you they can take items from you, take money from your wallet, or cast spells to make you weak. They can also ask you to leave the park. When you encounter an opponent, your options are to stay where you are, run, or fight.

Fighting and Health

Fighting is best done when you have special tools, since these tools inflict damage on your opponents. If you decide to fight an opponent, your health and the health of your opponent may suffer. You start with 100 points of health. You lose points each time an opponent damages you during a fight. You’ll be asked to leave the park if you run out of health.

First Aid

You may find First Aid stations around the park. First Aid allows you to regain health points after a fight. Increasing your health costs money.


You can deposit or withdraw money at ATMs located around the park. Money deposited in the ATM cannot be taken by opponents. Money can be withdrawn at any ATM.


You start the game with a loan of $5,000, which must be repaid (with interest) at the end of your trip. During the game, the Sheriff of Nottingham may offer you other loans at very high interest rates. These also must be repaid at the end of your trip.


Lines: The Game is an open source adaptation of an open source work by John E. Dell.

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Posted on July 17, 2012

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