Gorgeous New Disney Christmas eBooks Now Available!

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Can you believe that it’s the holiday season already?! The Disney theme parks are already decked out for Christmas, and today marks the first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and the first night of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights! Disneyland is also in the spirit, as the Christmas decorations have been up in Disney California Adventure for the last few days!

As evidenced by our annual Festivus office party (for those curious, last year Fred handily defeated Brian during the “Feats of Strength;” seriously, it was embarrassing), we here at TouringPlans love the holidays. Whether we’re belting out an off-key rendition of “Tracks in the Snow” from Country Bear Christmas or trying the latest tequila-based holiday concoction Len has cooked up (his peppermint-tequila pancakes are surprisingly good!), we fully embrace the spirit of the season.

It was this holiday spirit that inspired us to create two new TouringPlans.com eBooks: Disneyland: Holiday TouringPlans eGuide 2012 and Walt Disney World: Holiday Season TouringPlans eGuide 2012. We’ve been working tirelessly on these eBooks, and the end results are pretty stunning. I know I’m biased, but these are two of the most gorgeous eBooks I’ve ever seen, with tons of tips and Christmas planning information that will make these guides the perfect tool for ensuring that your Christmas visit is truly magical.

What’s great about these eBooks is that they each offer something for everyone. If you’re a first-time or infrequent visitor to Walt Disney World at Christmas, the information and planning tips will be second-to-none and it will all be presented in a very pretty package! If you’re a regular Christmas visitor, you’ll still find a lot of useful information in these guides. Sure, you may not need a detailed description of the IllumiNations Peace on Earth tag, but you may not know where to grab the absolute-best Christmas cupcake at Walt Disney World or whether the Holiday Time at Disneyland Tour is worth the money. Even if you’ve been to Walt Disney World hundreds of times for Christmas and are confident you know everything, I guarantee you haven’t seen this many gorgeous Walt Disney World Christmas photos. See? Something for everyone!

What’s Inside?

We’ve managed to cram tons of photos, information, and tips into each of these guides. Here’s what you can expect from the eBooks:

  • 92 pages (Disneyland) and 111 pages (Walt Disney World)
  • Information & tips for enjoying every form of holiday entertainment in the parks and resorts
  • Tips to avoid the holiday crowds
  • 125+ photos (Disneyland) and 150+ photos (Walt Disney World)
  • Full November & December 2012 TouringPlans.com Crowd Calendars
  • Holiday snack recommendations
  • Historical tidbits, facts, and photos of the Disney “Ghosts of Christmas Past”
  • …And much, much more!

The best part? If you’re able to read this blog post, you’re able to read these eBooks! There are no crazy or exclusive formats. These holiday eBook Guides are being released as a high-quality full-color PDFs that you can download instantly and read on your computer. You can also transfer them to read on the go on your iPhone, iPad, or other eReader device! Please note that to avoid any issues, you should always download the eBooks on a computer first, and then transfer them to your mobile devices. Apple recommends importing them into iBooks, which you can do by following these instructions.

Purchase Now!

Walt Disney World Holiday eGuide 2012: Click “Add to Cart” to purchase Walt Disney World: Holiday Season TouringPlans eGuide 2012. Add to Cart
Disneyland Holiday eGuide 2012: Click “Add to Cart” to purchase Disneyland: Holiday TouringPlans eGuide 2012. Add to Cart

Downloading & Installing

Bought an eBook (or two!) and wondering how to get it onto your mobile device? First, and this is incredibly important: no matter which eReader or mobile device you’re using, always download to your computer and transfer the file to your device. This is the most reliable way to ensure a successful download, and it ensures that you have a back-up copy on your computer for safekeeping! Here are links to the instructions for the most popular formats:

iPad & iPhone: Apple recommends importing the eBooks into iBooks, which you can do by following these instructions.

Kindle: Amazon suggests emailing the file (these are likely too large for that) or copying via USB. Use these instructions to transfer.

Android: Although Google recommends copying from your computer, you should be okay opening the download email you receive from us in your Android device and clicking the link there. If you’d rather go the more reliable route and copy from your computer, follow these instructions for Windows and follow these instructions for Macs.

Nook: Nook users should connect via USB and transfer to their device by following these instructions.

Need More Convincing? 

Still not convinced that these eBooks are filled with holiday cheer? Check out these actual screenshots from the eBooks that we’re sure will convince you that you need them! First, Walt Disney World: 

More of a Disneyland person? Check out the screenshots from the Disneyland Holiday eBook below:

Are you a fan of Christmas at Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Please let us know what you love about Christmas at Disney, and give us your feedback on these eBooks in the comments!

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Posted on November 9, 2012

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