Disney Merchandise: Shopping at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

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While I live in Florida now, I grew up in New Hampshire and San Diego, California, two places which couldn’t be farther away from the Sunshine State. However, I always loved flying in because of the Orlando International Airport (MCO.) I always felt that the monorail, from the gate area to the main terminal, was my first official “ride” of the trip. Now I love MCO for different reasons, as I often find myself there picking up friends and family who are coming down for their Disney or Universal vacation. As a person who has been covering the Disney Outlet Stores for over a year and have the walls of my Man Cave covered in Universal merchandise, I enjoy going to MCO because they have SIX theme park gift shops (two each for Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld. Seven, if you include the NASA Kennedy Space Center.) Today we are going to do a photo report of the two Disney shops, EarPort and The Magic of Disney.

First, let’s take a look at Disney’s EarPort.


In the scale of airport gift shops, both of Disney’s stores are rather large, so there is a huge variety of items to choose from (making them fantastic opportunities to pick up last minute souvenirs or gifts for people back home.) They also both have several unique photo-ops, allowing your family to have one last chance for a “magical” memory before getting on the plane back to Boringville (population: you.)


This might be one of the few representation of DHS’ Sorcerer’s Hat icon that stays around for awhile.


This Snow White photo-op outside EarPort is just fantastic, and I love the “magic mirror” next to it which has rotating pictures of several Disney princesses.


Snow White photo-op.


Little Mermaid.


Sleeping Beauty.




I also really enjoy this Goofy photo-op by the other entrance to the store.




Sticking with the theme of Goofy, EarPort has a good selection of treats from Goofy’s Candy Co., as well as other assorted Disney snacks. While both of the Disney’s stores at MCO carry a lot of the same items, there is some variation between the two and EarPort has a larger variety of food and kitchen items.


Candy and snacks.






Kitchen supplies.


Kitchen supplies.


Both stores have a ton of coffee mugs to choose from. I imagine because they make a good souvenir for adult family members/coworkers as they are small, relatively inexpensive, and everyone uses one.


Coffee mugs.


Donald Duck coffee mug. I have absolutely no idea why Donald would autograph the INSIDE of the mug, but what do I know?


The next two mugs feature artwork Disney is using for a decent amount of its 2015 merchandise. I happen to love both pieces and hope to buy prints of them.


Coffee mug with new artwork on it.


Coffe mug with even more new artwork.


I probably haven’t been paying attention in the parks, but I haven’t run across these Disney charm items before.


Disney charms. Trying to figure out why a little girl would want “dice” on her charm bracelet.


Disney photo frames.


Disney stuff.


Of course the mainstays of Disney plush, t-shirts and pins are available.


Disney plush.


Disney pins.


Disney apparel.


Disney apparel.


Here is a variety of Disney CDs and DVDs at prices which make SkyMall blush.


Disney media.




MagicBand accessories.


You didn’t think we were going to leave without a look at some Frozen merchandise, did you?


Frozen merchandise and other toys.


Next stop is The Magic of Disney store, the other Disney related gift shop in MCO.


The Magic of Disney at MCO.


There is a great Sorcerer Mickey photo-op at the front of the story.


Sorcerer’s Apprentice photo-op.


The Magic of Disney contains a lot more toys than EarPort.




Including my new favorite piece of Disney merchandise, the Tagalongs.


Disney Tagalongs.


When I first saw Tagalongs at Downtown Disney this summer, I thought the idea was fantastic but felt there was no way they would stay on a person’s shoulder while they walked. So I conducted a double blind scientific study at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and filmed my results:



Disney transportation toys.


I think this set of toys based on Disney Buses is really sharp looking.


Disney buses.


Cars toys.


Cars playset.


The Magic of Disney featured a decent amount of Christmas related items, whereas EarPort didn’t have any.


Christmas items at The Magic of Disney.


Christmas pins.


Jack Skellington an the boys from Prep & Landing.


Disney clothes and media items.


Disney plush and pillow pals.


Disney plush.


Park icon toothpick holders.


Coffee mugs designed to make you want to take a drink from your toothpick holders.


iPhone cases.


Disney apparel.


There is nothing at either EarPort or The Magic of Disney that you can’t get at the parks or Downtown Disney, but they are the perfect places to go if your vacation is over and you forgot to pick up a gift for someone. Since Magical Express is going to drop you off at MCO ridiculously early, it may be worth your time to at least walk through the stores and take advantage of getting some last minute fun photos.

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Posted on December 3, 2014

4 Responses to “Disney Merchandise: Shopping at Orlando International Airport (MCO)”

  • This is very useful. As this will be our first trip to Orlando, we were wondering what to do when the DME drops us at MCO early for the return flight. Now we know!

  • by Angela Dahlgren on December 3, 2014, at 9:35 am EST

    Great article idea Derek!

    I love the Disney stores at MCO. It’s my way of getting once last ‘Disney-fix’ before heading back home. It has so much to offer and I thank you for posting all those photos!


  • Wow, interesting to see that they have already switched the park icon for DHS on the “toothpick holders” 😀