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Zootopia Exhibit Coming To Disney’s Animal Kingdom

by on January 20, 2016

Zootopia exhibit at Disney's Animal Kingdom


If you’re looking forward to the upcoming movie Zootopia, you’ll soon be able to experience an all new Zootopia exhibit in Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This exhibit will show Guests some of the behind the scenes research that took place in the creation of the film.

The exhibit will feature characters from the film, as well as images from the extensive, behind-the-scenes research the filmmakers conducted to learn more about animal behaviors, personalities and movements. Matter of fact, due to the fact that while making every Walt Disney Animation Studios film begins with research, the movie’s team actually visited the Animals, Science and Environment team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom back in March 2014 to learn more about animals and their habitats.

This exhbit opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on January 29. Guests who are excited about the film can also catch a sneak preview of Zootopia at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the end of One Man’s Dream. Zootopia opens in theaters on March 4.

Underrated Attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park + Video

by on December 29, 2015

Photo - TouringPlansFor this week’s Trivia Tuesday, I’m going to discuss some underrated attractions found in Animal Kingdom park at Walt Disney World.

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My Walt Disney World Secret Happy Place: The Affection Section

by on February 20, 2013

I’m here to give a little love to one of the least frequented parts of all of Walt Disney World: Affection Section at Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Affection Section is my personal oasis of calm in what can sometimes be the chaos of a Disney vacation.

Inter-species bonding at Affection Section

Rafiki’s Planet Watch is accessed only via train from a station located near the exit to the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride. The train ride, itself, is a pleasant five minute journey into the far reaches of the Animal Kingdom. On the way, you pass many of the animal keeping buildings where the four-legged residents of the park spend their evenings. You can often get a glimpse of a rhino or elephant taking a break from being “on stage.”

After the train ride, you disembark at a walking path which takes you past several small primate exhibits. Oooh and ahhh at the tamarins for a while, then continue walking to the main Conservation Station building. Inside you’ll find character greetings, instructional displays, and sometimes animal medical care taking place. Much of this is fascinating, but I find myself being drawn out the back door to where the really good stuff is: Affection Section.

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