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Disney Cruise Line Weekly Preview — Week of August 26

by on August 25, 2017

Welcome aboard for this week’s Disney Cruise Line Preview for the week of August 26! I’m Brand Glover, and I’ll be giving you everything you need to know before cruising with Disney Cruise Line this week. As always, let’s take a look at the weather and see who is going to need a parka this week.

Ports of Call (High/Low Temperature, Chance of Rain)


Disney Fantasy.

Disney Magic

  • 26 August – Barcelona (84/72, 10%)
  • 27 August – Day at Sea
  • 28 August – Naples (88/73, 0%)
  • 29 August – Civitavecchia (89/71, 0%)
  • 30 August – Livorno (87/69, 0%)
  • 31 August – Villefranche (85/72, 0%)
  • 1 September – Day at Sea

Disney Wonder

  • 26 August – Ketchikan (60/52, 70%)
  • 27 August – Day at Sea
  • 28 August – Vancouver (82/61, 0%)
  • 29 August – Day at Sea
  • 30 August – Tracy Arm Fjord (59/49, 70%)
  • 31 August – Skagway (58/52, 60%)
  • 1 September – Juneau (57/49, 60%)

The AquaDuck!

Disney Dream

  • 26 August – Nassau (90/80, 30%)
  • 27 August – Castaway Cay (88/80, 80%)
  • 28 August – Port Canaveral (87/76, 50%)
  • 29 August – Nassau (91/82, 40%)
  • 30 August – Castaway Cay (89/81, 20%)
  • 31 August – Day at Sea
  • 1 September – Port Canaveral (89/77, 30%)

Disney Fantasy

  • 26 August – Port Canaveral (87/77, 80%)
  • 27 August – Day at Sea
  • 28 August – Day at Sea
  • 29 August – Tortola (81/75, 40%)
  • 30 August – St. Thomas (88/80, 20%)
  • 31 August – Day at Sea
  • 1 September – Castaway Cay (89/81, 20%)

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10 Free (Included) Activities You Shouldn’t Miss on a Disney Cruise

by on August 22, 2017

Are there free activities on a Disney cruise?  My husband and I disagree on the words “free” and “included”.  He’s of the opinion that nothing is truly free onboard, because you’ve already paid for it.  (It’s just included in your initial cost.)  I, on the other hand, like to think of it as free once I’m onboard!  Coke at the drink station?  It’s free!  Mickey bars?  Free!  And quite frankly, the more Coke and Mickey bars I have, the more “free” it is!  Am I right?

But whichever word you prefer, there are lots of things to do on a Disney cruise that don’t cost you a single penny more.  Here are ten of them!

1. Movies – We take full advantage of the movies on board. We don’t see anything in theaters at home that we know we can see free on an upcoming cruise! Disney plays several first-run movies on board in their gorgeous theaters.  Some are 3D, some are open captioning, and some are just plain old regular movies, whatever those are called.  If you are on a longer cruise, they will often have special movie events like classic black-and-white movie marathons.  If you’re a movie fan, it’s a great way to spend some time on quiet afternoons.  If you’d rather stay in your room and relax, there are movies all day long on your stateroom television.  I recently enjoyed a cruise on Royal Caribbean, but I was surprised by how much I missed the movie theater and having free movies in our room.  On one cruise on the Disney Dream, I probably watched Jurassic World three times through, just by having it on the television whenever I was in the room.  My life’s philosophy is that dinosaurs (and maybe Chris Pratt?) make everything better.  Is that just me?

2. Jack Jack’s Diaper Dash – Another incredibly entertaining few minutes on your cruise will be Jack Jack’s Diaper Dash. I highly recommend it! This riveting racing of the babies is held on every cruise in the atrium.  Parents bring their non-walking babies at the appointed time, and the babies are divided into racing heats.  After a brief personal, on-mic interview, the contestants are placed at the starting line.  When the starting signal is given, off they go!  Or not.  Often they just sit there, despite the cheering of the crowd, and the pleading and outright bribery of their parents.  You’d be amazed at how entertaining begging parents and distracted babies can be.  If you have a crawling baby, on behalf of the other cruisers, I implore you to race your baby!

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Disney Cruise Line Weekly Preview — Week of August 19

by on August 18, 2017

Welcome aboard for this week’s Disney Cruise Line Preview for the week of August 19th! I’m Brand Glover and I’ll be giving you everything you need to know before cruising with Disney Cruise Line this week. As always, let’s take a look at the weather and see who is going to need a parka this week.

Ports of Call (High/Low Temperature, Chance of Rain)

Disney Magic

  • 19 August – Barcelona (81/68, 0%)
  • 20 August – Day at Sea
  • 21 August – Naples (86/67, 0%)
  • 22 August -Civitavecchia (84/66, 0%)
  • 23 August – Livorno (83/65, 0%)
  • 24 August -Villefranche (80/70, 10%)
  • 25 August – Day at Sea

Disney Wonder

  • 19 August – Ketchikan (57/53, 90%)
  • 20 August – Day at Sea
  • 21 August – Vancouver (76/60, 0%)
  • 22 August – Day at Sea
  • 23 August – Tracy Arm Fjord (63/49, 30%)
  • 24 August – Skagway (63/52, 20%)
  • 25 August – Juneau (61/49, 60%)

Enchanted Garden, Disney Fantasy

Disney Dream

  • 19 August – Nassau (91/82, 90%)
  • 20 August – Castaway Cay (91/82, 20%)
  • 21 August – Port Canaveral (88/79, 30%)
  • 22 August – Nassau (90/80, 80%)
  • 23 August – Castaway Cay (90/81, 80%)
  • 24 August – Day at Sea
  • 25 August – Port Canaveral (90/77, 50%)

Disney Fantasy

  • 19 August – Port Canaveral (89/79, 20%)
  • 20 August – Day at Sea
  • 21 August – Cozumel (89/77, 40%)
  • 22 August – Grand Cayman (87/81, 20%)
  • 23 August – Falmouth (88/78, 80%)
  • 24 August – Day at Sea
  • 25 August – Castaway Cay (90/81, 80%)

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The Best Staterooms in Each of the 10 Categories on a Disney Cruise

by on August 1, 2017

Are you overwhelmed by the number of stateroom choices on a Disney Cruise?  Well, I don’t blame you.  You may think there should be three simple choices:  inside, oceanview, or verandah – but it’s nowhere near that cut and dry.  Each of those three stateroom types has several different classifications of staterooms!  Disney has thirty-one various categories of staterooms.  Thirty-one!  How will you ever decide?

Well, that’s what I’m here for!  I’ve actually sailed in over half of those categories, and been inside every other one.  I’m going to break them down for you, and help you pick the best stateroom for you and your family.

Concierge 1 Bedroom Suite with Verandah – Category T -Disney Dream

A few ground rules and guidelines first:

– I’m not going to recommend accessible staterooms.  If you need an accessible stateroom, there are options in almost every category.  If you don’t need one, pick something else.

– If you don’t need a connecting stateroom, try to avoid them.  Lately, I have stayed in two different staterooms with a connecting door and we could hear the guests on the other side almost as if they were in our stateroom.

– While I will give some specific stateroom numbers in some cases, in other cases I’ll just give general guidance.  It’s always good planning work to check a review of the particular stateroom you have in mind.  There are some staterooms out there that have noise or vibration issues.  There are also some right above the theaters or the nightclubs.  You probably want to avoid those.

– To find stateroom reviews, use Google or check a site like Disney Cruise Line Blog.  Scott has a good list of reviews going over there.  A quick search may save you some headaches on board!

– Finally, the staterooms on the Dream and Fantasy will be the same, so I will address those staterooms as the Dream Class.  Similarly, the Magic and Wonder have the same type of staterooms, so I will address them as the Magic Class.

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Disney Cruise Line Preview – Week of July 22

by on July 21, 2017


Welcome to this week’s edition of Disney Cruise Line Preview for the week of July 22nd! In case you missed last week’s debut, my name is Brand Glover and I’m stepping out from behind the camera to bring our readers a weekly look into the happenings of the Disney Cruise Line. It has been an exciting week for Disney fans with major news coming out of Anaheim and the D23 Expo regarding the future of the theme parks and beyond. Along with the reveals of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the Guardians of the Galaxy coming to Epcot, Disney Cruise Line had a couple major announcements of its own. Before we reveal the news out of D23, lets take a look at where in the world the Disney Cruise Line ships are headed this week…

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Disney Cruise Line to add Three New Ships

by on July 16, 2017

Disney Cruise Line

Copyright Disney

We knew that Disney was in the process of increasing its cruise line fleet by adding two additional cruise ships, but during the D23 Expo, they dropped a bombshell. Instead of two new ships, Disney Cruise Line will be adding THREE! This means that Disney will be almost doubling their fleet!

The Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany is building the ships and the scheduled completion dates of the original two announced were 2021 and 2023. This additional ship will be built at the same shipyard and is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

All Disney Cruise Line ship names, design plans and itineraries are still in development, but you can be sure that each of the ships will have its own unique and incredible experiences.

According to Disney, the three new ships will be powered by clean-burning liquefied natural gas and be the same size – approximately 135,000 gross tons with about 1,250 guest staterooms planned. That is slightly larger than the newest Disney Cruise Line ships, the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

We cannot wait for these new additions. These new ships will usher in the next generation of innovative cruise experiences designed especially for families. Anchors away!


Disney Cruise Line Preview – Week of July 15th

by on July 14, 2017

Welcome to the premier edition of Disney Cruise Line Preview! I’m Brand Glover, your personal navigator, entertainment director, and possible flotation device in the event this article goes overboard. You may remember me from such blogs as The Saturday Six or have noticed my name in the photo captions across multiple TouringPlans features, but today we’re leaving that ashore for uncharted waters to deliver a weekly preview of the happenings from the Disney Cruise Line. Each week we are going to give you, dear reader, a comprehensive guide to help plan and fully enjoy your vacation. With that, it’s time to point our compass out to sea…

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10 Things to Look Forward to in 2017 on a Disney Cruise

by on December 14, 2016

2017 is coming quick!  Have you booked a cruise yet?  Well get on that!  Of course, I’m always ready for new Disney Cruise Line itineraries/features/enhancements, and here are the top 10 in 2017 you will want to get ready for as well!

1. Fantasy Refurb – Refurb may be too big of a word. The Disney Fantasy has a short dry dock in May of 2017. While I certainly don’t expect a reimagining on the scale of what the Wonder and Magic have recently gone through, there should be some updates.  I’d put money down that the Oceaneer Club will be re-themed.  Among other additions, the Dream has the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, the Magic has Marvel’s Avengers Academy, and the Wonder now has a Marvel Super Hero Academy.  Trust me, the Fantasy is going to get something!  Harry Potter?  Ha!  Just kidding.  I’d also suspect a sweet shop along the lines of Vanellope’s on the Dream.  Something is coming!  Can’t wait to see what!

2. Double Dips on the Fantasy – The Fantasy has a couple of double dips in store in 2017! In case you have no idea what that means and thought I just referenced ice cream, which would not be out of the question, a double dip is an itinerary with two stops at Castaway Cay! That’s almost better than ice cream!  Double Dips are thrown in from time to time on the Disney Dream, but this is new for the Fantasy.  The Christmas sailing on December 23, 2017 is a double dip.  How great of a Christmas present is that?  Recently Disney also quietly announced a 3-night double dip on the Fantasy in May right at the end of the scheduled dry dock.  That never happens.  The double dip or the fact that the Fantasy is doing a 3-night.  Disney must be very confident that they have plenty of time for whatever they have planned for the dry dock, and decided they were leaving some money on the table.  Disney. Does. Not. Leave money on the table.  If you’d like to be the first onboard to see a spruced up Disney Fantasy, or just want the fun of a shorter cruise on the Disney Fantasy that’s going to Castaway Cay twice, this is the sailing for you!

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Tips for Meeting Characters on a Disney Cruise

by on November 21, 2016

Disney Cruise Line - Mickey

I recently got back from my first Disney Cruise, and as a character fan, meeting characters was a top priority. I ended up meeting 22 different characters, with 57 different outfits, and a total of 70 actual meets on our 7 day Disney Fantasy cruise. Each cruise (even on the same ship and same time of year) will be different, but here are some tips on having as much character fun as I did.

Make the Navigator your new best friend. Each night, you’ll receive a Navigator for the next day, which has the daily schedule for many activities on your cruise. You’ll find the characters listed in a yellow box on one page, as well as on a tv guide looking chart on a separate page. I recommend using the yellow box to plan your character hunting, since sometimes, there are too many characters in a given time to list them on the chart. I also found the yellow box easier to read and glance at quickly. I folded the navigator page each day so that I would only see the character yellow box (tip: pick up extra Navigators at the Guest Services to keep as mementos from your trip.)

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10 Options for Getting to the Port for Your Disney Cruise

by on October 28, 2016

So you’re booked on a Disney cruise and ready to go!  Almost ready?  You need to figure out a way to get to the port!  Well I have some things for you to consider. 10 of them of course!

disney-magic-1091. Disney Transfers From the Airport – Disney offers transfers from at least one airport in every port city to the terminal. If you are planning on using Disney transfers, check which airport you are flying into!  For Port Canaveral, for instance, Disney transfers run to and from the Orlando International Airport.  The do not run from Sanford.  Sometimes the money you save by flying into the smaller airport isn’t worth it when you look at the new transportation costs you’ve incurred!  Several other cities have similar situations.  The transfers vary in price depending on how far the airport is to the port.  In Orlando they are $35 one way.  In Miami they are only $20 one way.  The port in Dover, England, is a very long way from Heathrow Airport, so the transfers are $75 one way there.

2. Disney Transfers From a Hotel – You can also get transfers from certain hotels to the port. In Orlando, you can get transfer from any Disney resort to the port for the same price as airport transfers, $35 one way. You can also stay at the Hyatt in the Orlando International Airport and take the airport transfers.  That’s one of my favorite places to stay because Disney will pick up your luggage from your room and deliver it right to your ship’s stateroom.  In other ports, transfers from a hotel are always available if you book a pre- or post-night stay through Disney Cruise Line.  You could also book a hotel near the airport, and just get back to the airport and take a transfer from there.

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