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SATURDAY SIX: Six Reasons We LOVE Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

by on April 23, 2016

This week’s SATURDAY SIX takes a look at Six Reasons We LOVE Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. Throughout the years Walt Disney World has created many incredible resorts including Art of Animation, Port Orleans French Quarter and the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but back when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 it had a grand total of two: The Contemporary, and the Polynesian Village. Talk about about two hotels that have stood the test of time! In fact they may be even more popular today than they have ever been.


While there have been many refurbishments and updates over the years, The Poly still retains the charm it has had for over 40 years. Combining the the lushness of the South Tropics with the mystery of Adventureland, this is one resort that is going make an impact with just about every Disney fan. So sit back, relax on a beachside hammock, and let’s begin counting down our top six reasons we love The Poly starting with…

# 6 – The Bungalows

One of the newest additions to The Poly is also one of the most spectacular (if not pricey). 20 two-bedroom bungalows now sit on Seven Seas Lagoon looking directly at the Magic Kingdom. With a private back deck providing an astonishing view of nighttime spectaculars such as Wishes, the bungalows are filled with subtle Disney touches along with all of today’s modern conveniences that the Disney Vacation Club provides. With prices starting around $2000 a night, you’ll probably want to spend a lot of time inside the actual bungalow to get the most bang for your buck. While relaxing, be sure to check out the Mary Blair artwork along with tributes to Tropical Serenade and the Electrical Water Pageant.


Bora Bora Bungalows at The Poly. (photo by Laurel Stewart)


A tribute to the Electrical Water Pageant in the pull down bed. How great is that?! (photo by Tom Bricker)


A TV in the bathroom mirror? The Bungalows join the elusive list of E-Ticket Bathrooms which include Tangled Toilets in the Magic Kingdom, Moaning Myrtle in the Hogsmeade loo, and the Grand Flo DVC restrooms.


Wishes explodes over Cinderella Castle as seen from the deck of a bungalow. To the right is Space Mountain. (photo by Laurel Stewart)

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Daisy Lauren’s Best Week Ever: April 23, 2015

by on April 23, 2015

1Hi, Everyone! Welcome to the Best Week Ever here at Walt Disney World. This week we’re visiting Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Not to mention we’re also stopping by Downtown Disney and Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Phew, that’s a lot! Let’s get moving! 🙂

The best place to start is where I’ve visited the most the past few weeks. Not once, not twice, but five times we’ve visited Disney’s Polynesian Resort trying to get into the newly opened Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. The wait has never been less than an hour and to be frank, I just don’t want to go to a bar that badly!

However, the time spent at the resort has led to some great photos of the new lobby and the tiki that has been recently added. For anyone not on Twitter, the Disney community has started calling this tiki by the name “Shruggie“. He was mainly given this name because his stance makes it look like he’s shrugging and declaring that the lobby renovation wasn’t his idea! It really finishes the lobby renovation now that he’s in place.



Want to see more? Be sure to click below!

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Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto to Officially Open in April

by on March 27, 2015



Are you excited about Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort? If you’ve been like me and counting down the days until it opens, I have some news for you that I think you are going to like! Your wait is soon coming to an end!

Trader Sam’s will officially open in late April. (There is no official opening date because Disney is apparently waiting on a shipment of tiki glasses.) However, for those of you visiting in the next month, you could still be able to get in on a sneak preview. You see, beginning tomorrow, March 28, Trader Sam’s will be in soft opening mode.

Do keep in mind that the lounge is actually very intimate with only 50 indoor seats and seating for only 82 on the outdoor patio.  With that knowledge, I cannot stress enough that if you decide to try to experience the bar during this time period that you will need to pack your patience and be prepared to wait for a while before being able to enter. (Who am I kidding…even after it officially opens, the bar will likely have long waits for a while.  This place is going to be PACKED!) 

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Menu Monday: A Tribute to the Dole Whip

by on January 19, 2015


My Dole Whip Float

It’s fresh and creamy, it’s cold and sweet, it’s literally paradise in a cup. It’s a Dole Whip! If you haven’t heard, this treat is as popular as some characters and attractions at Disney World and has the long lines to prove it. For those of you who haven’t sampled this famous Disney treat; and for those of you, like myself, who are craving one right now, check out this Tribute to the Dole Whip!

So what is a Dole Whip? A Dole Whip is pineapple-flavored soft-serve and the perfect blend of sweet and tang; but I must warn you, it’s addictive! In fact, during one of my trips to the Magic Kingdom last year, I waited in a thirty minute line for a Dole Whip and even got a sunburn in the process. But hey, I have no regrets. It was totally worth it!

Unlike other popular sweet treats at Disney World, like Mickey Premium Bars or cupcakes, Dole Whips can’t be found just everywhere. For many years, Captain Cook’s at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Aloha Isle in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom were the only locations where this snack was offered.

Fortunately, it seems that Disney has taken pity on us Dole Whip-crazed guests, and I’m glad to report that there are now more places than ever to enjoy a Dole Whip while at the Walt Disney World Resort. Let’s take a look at a few of the old, as well as the new, shall we?

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Updated Details on the Disney Vacation Club Expansion for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

by on December 11, 2014

Today, Disney released some great new details, as well as renderings, of what both the Disney Vacation Club villas and bungalows will feature at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

First, we’ll take a look at the bungalows. There will be twenty bungalows available to Guests, and they will be able to sleep up to 8. They will feature a plunge pool and will have a spectacular Magic Kingdom view that is perfect for catching the evening fireworks.




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Capt. Cook’s at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Has Reopened

by on August 13, 2014

New Excitement at Disney's Polynesian


It’s been closed for many months now, but Capt. Cook’s, found at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has now reopened from its refurbishment. The quick-service location has seen quite a few changes. First, the ordering touch-screens are gone. The dining room area has also seen an overhaul, with a new brown color scheme, as well as fun Polynesian Resort-themed artwork adorning the walls.

Guests searching for Dole Whips will also be sad to learn they have not returned to this location. (The pineapple treat will eventually return to The Polynesian at a new location called Pineapple Lanai, which will be opening soon, but no specific date has been announced. Guests can currently still get their Dole Whip fix at the Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Isle.)

The lunch/dinner menu has also seen an update. Many items remain, and many new items have been added. (Unfortunately my Grown-Up Grilled Cheese didn’t make the cut…boo…) It does seem as though the menu is more extensive now. Menu items include:

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Hitting the Trail: Taking on the Disney World Walking Paths

by on August 13, 2014

I know what you’re thinking. Why would anyone want to take a walking path when it seems like all you do at Walt Disney World is walk? Well, just hear me out, I do have a few good reasons! You see, walking paths allow you two big luxuries that are hard to come by at Disney World: no lines or crowds and the ability to make your own time.

Hollywood Studios Walking Path

Hollywood Studios Walking Path to the BoardWalk

Nobody likes fighting the long lines for buses, boats, and monorails, especially at closing time. It’s not unusual to have to wait for several of your own resort buses to fill up before you can board yourself following Magic Kingdom’s Wishes, which is hard to bear when your feet hurt and the kids are crying, right? Although, there can be lines or standing room only on buses, boats, and Monorail during the day too. However, the walking paths are never crowded, offering you and yours a reprieve from the shuffling lines and seas of strollers. Also, many are in open, beautiful settings that are well-lit, paved, and serve as great decompression zones from all the hustle and bustle.

But the lack of chaos isn’t the only reason to take on a walking path. Guests who have visited Disney World before know that getting from one place to another can be time consuming! Disney even recommends those with dining reservations to allow at least an hour for transportation time. Why? Well, for example, if you were to have a reservation at one of Epcot’s World Showcase restaurants, a lot of time can be wasted in waiting for transportation, actual travel time, going through security and the turnstiles, and then actually walking across the park to your restaurant. Whew! That can really take awhile and there are a lot of variables to contend with! That’s why, when I can, I prefer to take a walking path so that I can make my own time without checking my watch in nervous frustration for the umpteenth time at a resort bus stop.

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Update on Disney’s Polynesian Resort Pool Refurbishment

by on July 31, 2014

Disney's Polynesian Resort Pool


For those of you who are unaware and will be staying at Disney’s Polynesian Resort over the next few months, the Nanea Volcano Pool and Slide are now closed for an extremely lengthy refurbishment. As I previously mentioned, Disney is offering guests staying the resort access to Blizzard Beach Water Park, while work is being done on the pool area.

When the announcement was first made, guests would only be given a one day pass to Blizzard Beach; however, it now appears that has been amended. Now Polynesian guests can choose to visit the water park on any day and will receive complimentary admission throughout their entire stays.  In addition, guests will receive a complimentary beach towel, and if a Polynesian guests have purchased resort Rapid Fill refillable mugs, those mugs will have access to the beverage stations at the water park. (So make sure you bring your refillable mugs with you!)

Bus transportation will be provided to guests directly between Blizzard Beach and the Polynesian, and when guests arrive at the front gate of the water park, Polynesian guests must check-in using their MagicBands or RFID room keys.

When Blizzard Beach closes for its refurbishment in the winter (which right now is slated for January 4 through March 14, 2015), guests will instead have access to Typhoon Lagoon. Keep in mind that Polynesian guests will not have access to any other resort pool during this refurbishment work.

During the Volcano Pool refurb, work will be done to create a new aquatic playground with slides for children, a new hot tub, and a larger deck with more seating for guests. The pool is expected to reopen sometime in early 2015.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Guests to Receive Blizzard Beach Tickets During Pool Rehab

by on May 14, 2014

New Excitement at Disney's Polynesian Resort


I’ve previously mentioned that Disney’s Polynesian Resort’s Nanea Volcano Pool and Slide will be closing for a lengthy refurbishment starting at the end of July. To make up for this matter, Disney has started informing guests staying at this resort that while the feature pool is closed, they will receive one free admission to Blizzard Beach Water Park, per member of their party. In addition, transportation will also be provided to a dedicated check-in location, where Polynesian Resort guests will receive their tickets and towels at the water park, themed after a ski resort on the meltdown.

For guests staying at the resort who do not wish to visit Blizzard Beach, the Polynesian’s quiet pool will remain open for guests to visit.

While official dates have not yet been announced for this refurbishment work of the Volcano Pool, the rumored closure date appears to be sometime around July 26. During the refurbishment, work will be done to include a new aquatic playground with slides for children, a new hot tub, and a larger deck with more seating for guests.

The pool refurbishment is just another step in the full-on rehab of Disney’s Polynesian Resort that is currently taking place. Currently, Captain Cook’s, a quick service dining location, is closed until sometime in July; the Polynesian’s lobby is being re-worked, with the removal of the large waterfall; and the children’s activity center will reopen on June 17 and will now be known as Club Disney, instead of The Neverland Club. Also debuting later this year will be the all new Pineapple Lenai kiosk which will offer a guest favorite, the Dole Whip. In 2015, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto lounge will be added, plus, work is being done to add Disney Vacation Club units to the resort and the resort will be reverting back to it’s original name, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

The pool’s rehab work is expected to continue until early 2015.

Trader Sam’s is Coming to Disney’s Polynesian Resort and More

by on May 2, 2014



We know that currently, there is a massive renovation occurring at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, with new Disney Vacation Club rooms, an updated Captain Cook’s, and more.

Well, now it’s official that Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto will be making its debut at the resort. The unique experience has been so popular at Disneyland, that they decided to bring it to Florida. I will be very curious what aspects of Trader Sam’s get brought over from Disneyland’s version and what they will do to possibly enhance the experience. (Personally, I would love a few more nods to the former Adventurer’s Club…as I deeply miss that place which was previously found in Pleasure Island.)

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