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SpectacuLAB Coming to Innoventions at Epcot

by on October 26, 2017


Wow….I kind of thought Innoventions was dead. I guess maybe it’s not because it was announced that SpectacuLAB is coming this November. SpectacuLAB will be an engaging new interactive show where Guests will be invited to join a group of real scientists, as well as their tech-savvy intern for a series of experiments that put scientific principles like ultrasonic pressure, barometric pressure, force and acceleration to the test.

SpectacuLAB is sponsored by Murata which is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic components, and Science from Scientists, a nonprofit organization that aims to improve STEM literacy at schools. The interactive and entertaining experiments will allow guests to discover how science and Murata technologies come together to create products such as consumer devices, healthcare equipment, and automotive electronics.

Throughout the exhibit, Guests will be able to participate in demonstrations including:

  • Guests playing ultrasonic sensor drums, simply with the wave of their hand
  • Changing the colors of barometric pressure cubes by only raising or lowering the cube
  • Accelerometer sensors measuring the guest’s force when using a hammer
  • Observing a scientist explain the principle of force by comfortably resting on a bed of nails

Currently the only other exhibits open in Innoventions are the Colortopia and Take a Nanooze Break.

StormStruck and Sum of All Thrills Leaving Innoventions

by on August 15, 2016



Big changes have been happening at Epcot’s Innoventions lately with many attractions closing. Now, two more attractions are closing in Innoventions East – The Sum of All Thrills and StormStruck. The two attractions will be closed as of September 14 due to their sponsorship agreements ending.

The Sum of All Thrills which was sponsored by Raytheon was a simulator that allowed guests to utilize math skills to create a thrill ride. Guests would then be able to put their creation to the test courtesy of a Kuka arm.

Storm Struck, which was presented by FLASH, educates Guests on how to prevent storm damage around the home.

With these two closures, this means that the only attraction remaining open in Innoventions East will be the relatively new Colortopia by Glidden, which opened in November of last year.

Disney has said that plans for Innoventions are going to be shared at a later date.


GLIDDEN’S Colortopia Coming to Epcot’s Innoventions

by on July 21, 2015



Have you been curious about what’s been going on with Epcot’s Innoventions lately? Well, wonder no more! The paint brand, Glidden has been collaborating with Walt Disney Imagineering to create a brand new interactive exhibit called Colortopia.

Guests of all ages who experience the Colortopia exhibit will encounter unique and surprising hands-on activities. In addition, park visitors will be able to extend the Colortopia exhibit experience with a mobile app and website which are set to to launch later this year.

“Pairing the magic of the park experience with the magical role color plays in our lives is an exciting opportunity for the Glidden brand,” said Mark Lancia, Senior Brand Manager at Glidden. “We’re excited to share the Colortopia experience with the park’s visitors from around the world.”

There is no official opening date for this new experience, but it is expected to open sometime later this fall.

Daisy Lauren’s Last Best Week Ever

by on May 21, 2015

1Hi, Everyone! Welcome to the Best Week Ever here at Walt Disney World. And sadly, yes, the title is true. This will be my last Best Week Ever article! 🙁 Remember that day job that keeps me from posting photos of myself? Well, I’ve been given an incredible promotion that will involve much more travel. While I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity, it will make it impossible to keep up with my weekly updates.

I’m so thankful to all of you that have read over the last year. I’ll still be helping out on the Touring Plans instagram account, so if you miss me you can find me there. (I know I’ll miss you!) And they’ve told me I can still stop by and post when I have time. So it isn’t really goodbye. 🙂 But that’s enough sad stuff, let’s get going with all the theme park goodness from last week!

As you can tell from the photo above, I started this week at Universal Orlando. We don’t make it out that way nearly enough, but we love the parks. Arriving just after opening meant there were no crowds! It was great! I think we enjoyed the quiet morning walk as much as the park itself.


So where did we head to next? Why don’t you click to find out? 🙂

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Daisy Lauren’s Best Week Ever: March 26, 2015

by on March 26, 2015

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to the Best Week Ever here at Walt Disney World. This week we’re visiting the Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, spending an evening at the Magic Kingdom, and stopping by Epcot. Who is ready for some special Easter fun?

If you’ve never visited during this time of year you might not know about a special display at the Grand Floridian. For just a few special weeks, incredible hand painted candy eggs are put out on display in the lobby of the hotel. Each of these eggs weigh between 9 and 12 pounds and stand anywhere from 16 to 20 inches tall. It’s pretty incredible to see! Starting with this special egg that’s on display in the lobby at the villas:


Want to see more of this awesome Easter display? Be sure to click to read more! 🙂

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Innoventions West at Epcot to See Massive Changes

by on March 20, 2015

InnoventionsUpdated on 3/21/15 with additional information.

The rumors had been floating around this week and the Orlando Sentinel has confirmed it — Epcot is making massive changes to Innoventions West beginning this spring.

So what does this all mean? Well it means that we can say goodbye to the THINK exhibit, Where’s the Fire, and The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. (Nooo!!!  Save the piggies!!!) All three are slated to be leaving and will be replaced.

To make way for this massive overhaul of Innoventions West, the area’s last day of operation will be on April 29.

It does appear that the Disney Visa Cardmember character meet and greet will be staying, though no word on if it will be moved to a different location during the closure of the space or if it will also temporarily close while work is being done.

In addition, another attraction is closing in Innoventions East — the Vision House, which will no longer be available starting April 22.

Innoventions has always been a place where Guests could learn and discover amazing technologies and how those technologies are making life better through hands-on, walk-through exhibits that are sponsored by corporations. The various exhibits found inside the pavilion have been known to rotate periodically.

There is no word on what exactly will replace these exhibits. Innoventions East (which houses Sum of All Thrills, StormStruck, and Habit Heroes) will remain open.

Disney It Yourself: StormStruck and THINK App Reviews

by on March 11, 2015

Photo - Angela DahlgrenWe’ve reached the conclusion of my Innovention-based game review series. To read about the Great Piggy Bank Adventure app, click here. For Habit Heroes and Sum of All Thrills, click here.

Today, we’ve got apps based off of the StormStruck and THINK exhibits. Let’s get this storm brewin’!

StormStruck: A Tale of Two Homes was first introduced April 16, 2012 in the iTunes App Store. It has had no updates since its release and requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. The app, presented by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc. (or FLASH), is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I had no issues when downloading the program on to my second generation iPad and iPhone 6.

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Disney It Yourself: Habit Heroes App and Sum of All Thrills Game Reviews

by on March 3, 2015


Here I am again with more game reviews based off of different attractions found at Innoventions. If you missed my review of the Great Piggy Bank Adventure App, read that here.

These reviews are part of my new series, DIY (Disney It Yourself), where I explore different ways to enjoy Disney Parks at home.

As you’ll soon see, I experienced hits along with a few misses. First on the list: the Habit Heroes App!

Habit Heroes

The Habit Heroes app was introduced in the Apple App Store December 12th, 2012. It can also be downloaded via Google Play. It is based off the attraction of the same name, found at Innoventions East in Epcot. The app states:

The Habit Heroes mobile app is a comic book that chronicles the adventures of the healthy Habit Heroes as they clean up health hazards around the globe. Each comic book issue unlocks an interactive tool that helps foster healthy habits in your every day life.

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Disney It Yourself: The Great Piggy Bank Adventure App Review

by on February 24, 2015

Photo - Angela DahlgrenImagine yourself sitting in front of the television on a Sunday evening. There you are minding your own business when suddenly, a Disney Parks commercial comes on.

BAM! The nostalgia hits you like a ton of bricks. You get that yearning feeling in the pit of your stomach while your heart aches for the most magical place on earth. Your next trip isn’t for several months. What can you do?!

In this series, I’m on a quest to scratch that Disney itch from the comfort of my own home. I’ll be reviewing Disney apps, trying out Disney crafts and exploring different options for satisfying that Disney craving.

First on the agenda: The Great Piggy Bank Adventure App.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure App was first introduced in the Apple App Store on June 24, 2013. An update followed on March 14, 2014. It is based off the attraction of the same name, found at Innoventions West in Epcot. It is published by Disney and is presented by T. Rowe Price.

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Walt Disney World Newsworthy Notes 12/30/14

by on December 30, 2014

The year is almost over, and I’m back again with one more newsworthy update for 2014! There are quite a few things that guests should know about the Walt Disney World Resort for the beginning of the new year, so I’m here to share everything with you. Ready to get to it? Let’s go!

  • Back a few months ago, (October to be exact), we found out that Island Supply shop would be closing in Adventureland for a new concept. Many in the Disney community were hopeful…would we be getting a shop featuring some of the great Adventureland-themed merchandise sold at the Marketplace Co-Op? Well, I have your answer, and the answer is, “No.” The shop will reopen on January 8 as Island Supply by Sunglass Hut. That means you can purchase high-end sunglasses and other products offered by this new operating participant. In addition, another store selling similar merchandise will open on January 4 at Typhoon Lagoon: Sal’s Shades by Sunglass Hut.
  • Two of Epcot’s Innoventions exhibits will close in the beginning of January. The first is the THINK Exhibit by IBM. This exhibit in Innoventions East allowed guests to take part in three unique experiences that allowed them to engage in a conversation about how we can improve the way we live and work. This exhibit will close January 1. Also closing in Innoventions East is the Test the Limits Lab. Here guests can “test” products to make sure they are safe for consumers by shattering a TV screen, dropping a safe, and more. It will close on January 6. There is no word on whether anything will be replacing either of these two exhibits.

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