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MagicBand FAQ

by on September 4, 2013

Disney’s new MyMagic+ system is undergoing larger and more frequent testing. A key component of MyMagic+ is the MagicBand, which means that more guests are having questions about the ins and outs of MagicBand use. Here’s a handy primer with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions abut MagicBands.


What exactly is a MagicBand?

MagicBands are plastic/rubber bracelets containing an electronic chip. Depending on which features you activate, the MagicBand can function as your room key, park ticket, charge card for food and merchandise, FastPass, interactive game piece, and more.

While these features are not currently active, future MagicBand purposes might include use as a PhotoPass identifier, MagicalExpress voucher, resort entrance gate opener, attraction special effects activator, etc.

What technology is used in the MagicBand?

The MagicBands contain an HF Radio Frequency Device (RFID). The device sends and receives signals via a small antenna in the band. The Radio Frequency device works in short range situations (touching the band to a hotel room’s “key pad”) or in longer range situations (perhaps activating a portion of a ride or game).

Out in the real world, RFID technology is used in some credit cards, in highway toll paying such as EZPass or SunPass, in some video game controllers and in many other situations. Chances are you may already be using an RFID device at home and not even be aware of it.

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