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Resort Exploring: Vol 6 – Coronado Springs

by on July 3, 2012

I may be a weirdo (please don’t answer that), but there are few things in life that bring me more peace and tranquility than taking a nice quiet walk around a Disney resort in the early morning hours. I must admit that even with my natural curiosity and insane¬†willingness to take long walks prior to spending an entire day in a theme park, I feel that I have never fully explored the Coronado Springs Resort.

Coronado Springs is a very pretty moderate level resort, and it is huge. In addition to its large size, its layout makes fully exploring the resort a long process. Much like the Caribbean Beach Resort, Coronado Springs is a multi-building complex set around what is either a small lake or a large pond (I can’t decide). Unlike Caribbean Beach however, Coronado Springs does not have a bridge connecting two sides of the complex, meaning that you must walk the entire circumference of the lake (about 1.1 miles, very similar to a lap around World Showcase lagoon in Epcot).¬†Sure, you can take one of the internal shuttles but that’s not exploring!

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