No Unofficial Guide researchers are available to be in the Magic Kingdom today, but we’re working with Disney and others to see if we can get wait times from the park today.  Unofficial Guide researchers and volunteers will be available starting Wednesday, through at least April 30, so we can compare wait time predictions and actuals for those days.

We’re getting lots of questions around what the different crowd levels mean, especially for those levels that don’t have an explicit wait time associated.  We may need to re-do the 1-10 scale to be more specific about wait times.  Drop me a line if you have comments or suggestions on what you’d like to see in a new scale.  Also, we should be more clear about which park we’re using as the yardstick.  I think the Magic Kingdom is the park most familiar to everyone, so we’re going to use that going forward.

Several readers have asked whether conventions and conferences impact wait times at WDW.  I’ve charted every scheduled conference and convention in Orlando from now through the end of 2005 The y axis shows the number of conference participants.  Thanks again to the Orlando Visitor and Convention Bureau for the raw data.  In most cases, the number of conference participants is below 5,000, a relatively small number.  And there are a host of factors that would lessen the impact of that many people on wait times in WDW, including:

  • Most conference participants have conferences scheduled during the day
  • Even if they had the day off, they’d probably not all go to the same theme park (or even a Disney park)
  • They’d probably not arrive at the park(s) at the same time
  • They’d probably not go on the same rides


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