Lights! Motors! Action! And Soarin’ Are Top Attractions

Hi folks! It’s good to be back from the media event. The short summary: Lights! Motors! Action! gets 3.5 stars out of five. Excellent stunt driving and creative concept, but the pacing really drags the show down. By my estimate, there are between 6 and 8 minutes of actual stunt work in a show that lasts from 25 to 30 minutes. The rest of the time is spent explaining the stunt just performed, or setting up for the next trick. That’s just too much lull between action.

After the premier, I surveyed several members of Team Knievel, arguably America’s greatest daredevil team, on the quality of the stunt work in L! M! A!. Their response? To a man, they all pronounced the driving excellent, and were impressed with the team’s precision. Hats off to the L! M! A! drivers.

Soarin’ gets 4.5 stars out of 5. Excellent attraction. So impressive I rode it ten times. Should be perfectly suitable for most small children and senior citizens. Best seats are in the top row. The center section moves the least, but I prefer the leftmost, top row for the view.

Small World maintains its 3 star rating. Every pastel shade known to man is used throughout the attraction. It’s the only ride that you’ll ever exit and not ask “Now how’d that song go again?” Although the sound system was recently upgraded, I really couldn’t tell the difference. Then again, it could be all that Van Halen from my youth catching up with me.

And now, on to the crowd levels. For Wednesday, May 4, we predicted a crowd level of 65 minutes at the Magic Kingdom’s headliner attractions. The actual peak was 40 minutes. Crowds may have been affected by thunderstorms all day (and on Thursday), but we’ll note that and move on.

On Friday, we predicted wait times of 70 minutes at the MK, with actual wait times topping out at 50 minutes at the headliner attractions. We should head back about Saturday’s wait times sometime on Tuesday.