Theme Parks For Best Days Predictor

Here’s a partial look at some of the data we’ve collected in May, June, and July. We use these numbers to test how good our predictions are for the “Best Days” calendar. So far, our estimates are off by an average of about 7 minutes per day. Given the number of variables involved, I think that’s pretty good. We’ll have more data from June shortly. Also, note that two of the three slowest days shown below are Saturdays, consistent with what we’ve observed throught this year.

Predicted Peak Wait Time at MK Headliner Attractions
Actual Peak Wait Time
Difference from Predicted Peak
Thu May 26
75-84 minutes
60 minutes
Fri May 27
85-94 minutes
95 minutes
Sat May 28
85-94 minutes
80 minutes
Mon Jun 13
75-84 minutes
90 minutes
Wed Jun 15
75-84 minutes
100 minutes
Sat Jun 18
65-74 minutes
70 minutes
Mon Jul 4
85-94 minutes
100 minutes