Magic Kingdom Crowds And WDW Best Days

14 hours of data collection at the Magic Kingdom this past weekend yielded these results for the Best Days calendar:

Predicted Peak Wait Time at MK Headliner Attractions
Actual Peak Wait Time
Difference from Predicted Peak
Sat Jul 23
65-74 minutes
70 minutes
Sun Jul 24
65-74 minutes
75 minutes

The results for our new prediction model continue to be encouraging. Also note that Sunday was slightly busier than Saturday, again consistent with what we’ve seen almost all year. Since our predictions were very close, the average error for our predictions drops to around 5.5 minutes per day since we introduced the new model on May 31.

By popular demand, the next major update to the Best Days calendar will split our recommendations into two main categories: Disney Resort Guests, and Off-Site Guests. And for each of those, we’ll have two sub-categories, for folks arriving at park opening (or Extra Magic Hour), and those arriving later in the day. Look for that update to be done by the end of August 2005. If there’s something specific you’d like us to include, drop me a line: