Magical Beginnings: Doodlebops and Wiggles at MGM

To attract families with young children during the August/September period of 2006, Disney is introducing “Magical Beginnings.” Part of the marketing campaign will be Playhouse Disney characters performing at Disney-MGM Studios.

For the event, a show called “Playhouse Disney in Concert” will occur in Disney-MGM Studios. Whether it will occur in the
Playhouse Disney Live on Stage venue, replacing normal showings or elsewhere in the park is currently unknown.

Currently scheduled to appear as part of the concert series:

Doodlebops 8/20-8/23, 2006
Mickey Mouse Magic Show 8/16-19 and 8/24-8/27, 2006
Wiggles 8/29-9/1, 2006

Information from Disney about Magical Beginnings can be found at