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New article: Airport vs Off-Site Car Rental Prices

by on May 9, 2006

If you’ve ever looked at the taxes, fees, and surcharges that airports add to your car rental bill, you might wonder whether it’d be less expensive to rent a car off-site. This article compares both options, for economy, mid-sized, and full-size vehicles, as well as minivans, taking into account every available discount. Click here to read the article

Answered! Can adults pay for their meals using child credits under the Disney Dining Plan?

by on May 8, 2006

It took a team of researchers staying on-site to get the answer, but we’ve confirmed whether adults can pay for their meals using child credits under the Disney Dining Plan. Click here to read our test results.

New Best-of-the-Internet Website Recommendations

by on May 7, 2006

We’ve updated our list of the best Disney-related website on the Internet. Click here to see who’s made the list.

Updated Pinocchio Village Haus mini-review now available

by on May 7, 2006

We’ve updated the counter-service review for the Pinocchio Village Haus, located in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Click here to read the review.

New Royal Anandapur Tea Company mini-review

by on May 7, 2006

A mini-review of the Royal Anandapur Tea Company has been posted to the Animal Kingdom’s Dining page. Read the review here.

Updated Expedition Everest Review

by on May 7, 2006

We’ve updated the review for Expedition Everest. Click here for the details.

Updated: Pirates of the Caribbean Rehab News

by on May 5, 2006

According to the Disney World website’s “Backstage Pass”, Pirates of the Carribbean will be formally open and operating as of July 7th, 2006. New elements will include animatronic Jack Sparrow and Barbosa along with a Davy Jones effect.

Outside the attraction, Jack Sparrow will be storytelling and interacting with guests through mid-August.

There is a possibility of a soft-opening of the attraction prior to July 7th, but this is not guaranteed and vacation plans should not be based on soft opening schedules.

2007 Resort Rate Seasons Released

by on May 5, 2006

The 2007 dates for the Disney resort pricing “seasons” have been released. Rack rates for 2007 will soon be released, followed by package offerings expected in June.

Deluxe/DVC Resorts and Cabins at Ft. Wilderness:

Jan 1 – Feb 14 = Value
Feb 15 – Apr 14 = Peak
Apr 15 – Jul 7 = Regular
Jul 8 – Oct 3 = Value
Oct 4 – Nov 24 = Regular
Nov 25 – Dec 19 = Value
Dec 20 – Dec 31 = Holiday

Value/Moderate Resorts:

Jan 1 – Feb 14 = Value
Feb 15 – Apr 14 = Peak
Apr 15 – May 23 = Regular
May 24 – Aug 4 = Summer (New – just below Peak in price)

Aug 5 – Oct 3 = Value
Oct 4 – Nov 24 = Regular
Nov 25 – Dec 19 = Value
Dec 20 – Dec 31 = Holiday

Campsites at Fort Wilderness:

Jan 1 – Feb 14 = Value
Feb 15 – Apr 14 = Peak
Apr 15 – Jul 28 = Regular
Jul 29 – Nov 15 = Value
Nov 16 – Dec 19 = Pre-Holiday (New – just above Value in price)
Dec 20 – Dec 31 = Holiday

Disney Dining Plan Expands Snack Offerings

by on May 4, 2006

The Disney Dining Plan, which may be purchased as part of a WDW vacation package, has expanded it’s snack selection.

Previously, guests were limitted severely in what could be purchased as a “snack” option under the plan, mostly ice cream novelties from carts, bags of chips, and of course waters or sodas.

Under the expanded definition of “snack” guests can now purchase most any non-alcoholic beverage, bakery item, or foodstuff under roughly $4 from a WDW cart and counter service location. Any qualifying item will be marked with a Disney Dining Plan icon.

A few of the more interesting additions include:

Dole Whips and Pineapple Floats at Aloha Isle
Giant Pretzels from Sommerfest at Epcot.

And all of the following items from the Fountainview Cafe in Epcot:

Croissants, Plain/Cinnamon/Chocolate Pecan
Bagel w/ Cream cheese

Fruit or Cheese Pastry


Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Soarin’ Orange Creme Brulee
Chocolate Mousse
Fresh Fruit Croissant
Fresh Fruit Cup
Coconut Flan
Fruit Tulip
Boston Cream
Fountainview Cheesecake
Butterfinger Cheesecake
No Sugar Cheesecake
No Sugar Brownie

Pleasure Island under major reconstruction

by on May 4, 2006

Pleasure Island is undergoing major rennovation. The Hub stage and West End stage have both begun demolition. Reel Finds, Missing Link Sausage Company, Zen Zone, DTV, Changing Attitudes, and Superstar Studios have all closed permanently.

The area is full of construction walls and work as the plans to create a new bridge from the West Side complex and add a boat dock where the Hub Stage was are in full swing. The Harley Davidson store is also closed, but it is the only store planned to be rebuilt and reopened.