Beware the rains at Test Track

Back when life was simple, Epcot only had one ride that had a reason for Fastpass – Test Track.

In the more complex modern day, a tour of Epcot requires comfortable walking shoes, stamina, and a good plan. The early morning zig-zag from Soarin’ to Test Track often leaves folks with less than desirable Fastpass return times in the mid-afternoon. This is peak time for summer storms though, and those storms will close Test Track temporarily.

The image above shows the mess of a queue that occurs when the ride reopens after one these closures.

Knowledge is half the battle though, and we’re here to help. First, when the rain subsides, try to stay within the general area of the attraction. You can hear if Test Track is running from a good distance. If you have a Fastpass, your ticket will be honored any time after your window when the ride is operating, you do not need to run to the crush of delayed Fastpassers. The crowd will be moved through and the lines will dissipate, often long before the evening crush for Illuminations.