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Keystone reopens

by on July 19, 2006

Keystone Clothiers at the Disney MGM Studios has reopened from a long refurbishment. The most noteable change is the closing of one entrance to make way for an ATM alcove as seen below.

Keystone is MGM’s answer to a “high end” store, offering what Disney feels is its couture and fashion retail items. In reality, this just means the shirt with Mickey in this store is more expensive and might have sequins.

Food and Wine events being released.

by on July 19, 2006

Information on the upcoming Food and Wine festival, including special ticket events, is starting to show up on the internet. We recommend checking out for the most current information. All ticketed events go on at 7am EST on July 31st and will sell out very quickly.

West Epcot lake work

by on July 19, 2006

The lakes of Future World West in Epcot have been drained recently. The work on the bridge leading into the Land has been completed, but the lakes remain drained for a few additional days for repairs. The fountain at Imagination is getting worked on, and the lakes themselves are being cleaned and repaired. The change tossed into the lakes is being collected for charity donation. In general, the area is being prepped for the October 1st activities starting the Year of a Million Dreams – suggesting a spotlight on the new Nemo attraction during that period.

Nemo Ride Construction

by on July 19, 2006

Another glance inside the main Living Seas tank and at Nemo’s Undersea Adventure construction. We start our tour with an overview of the main observation deck, people on the top level, signs of construction on the lower level.

A closer look reveals some tool of the trade, mainly duct tape.

Under the main hallway, which will become the unload area.

Imagineering has constructed some makeshift walls to keep prying eyes from seeing the incomplete vehicles on the track, so apparently they’re on to us.

A comedic look at Disneyland touring plans

by on July 17, 2006

Sentin by a reader. Four minutes of classic comedy: Disneyland touring plan skit

Is September 24th Special?

by on July 16, 2006

On September 24th, 2006, the STOLport next to the Magic Kingdom parking lot is scheduled to close and be turned over to the Imagineering.

What does this mean? We’re not really sure. The STOLport (an abbreviation for “Short Take Off and Landing”) is a private airport for Walt Disney World that has been out of service for years. It is used by Disney for event staging and parking, as well as a holding area for materials and supplies for projects like the refurbishment of the Contemporary and Wilderness Lodge resorts.

Current projects are being asked to remove their vehicles, supplies, and staff from the area leading up to the September 24th turn over date. The closure is one week prior to Disney’s annual October press events, so we are assuming more news will be available at those events or leaked out just prior.

Cirque Sale for FL Res and Disney Visa

by on July 12, 2006

Specially priced tickets are being offereed for showings of Cirque du Soleil La Nouba at Downtown Disney Westside for Florida Residents and Disney Visa cardholders.

Florida Resident tickets will be offered July 20th – Sept. 30th.
Disney Visa tickets will be offered Aug 2nd – Nov 18th.

New Costumes awaiting CMs

by on July 12, 2006

An interesting note we’ve run across is the status of new costumes for the Living Seas and Contemporary Resort Cast Members.

According to CM’s, the new Living Seas costumes have arrived and are awaiting Cast to be assigned to the attraction, while the Contemporary costumes have partially arrived and a few final CM positions are being completed before they are all distributed.

Contemporary Concierge back to 12th Floor

by on July 12, 2006

The 12th Floor Tower Club concierge level at the Contemporary Resort has reopened from refurbishment. Guests can once again enjoy the Magic Kingdom view from the lounge area and fresh new rooms. The temporary 10th floor concierge rooms have returned to normal.

The 14th floor concierge (all of the suites) is expected to close and reopen within the next 30 days.

T-Rex to find home in Pleasure Island

by on July 12, 2006

To answer the question floating around of “Where will they put the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney?” we now have an answer.

The T-Rex restaurant will be located in Pleasure Island.

The restaurant is rumored to feature dinosaur animatronics and extensive theming. It will be owned and operated by the same people who brought us the two Rainforest Cafe locations at Walt disney World.