Contemporary Concourse Refurbishment

by on August 1, 2006

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Major rennovation has begun on the Contemporary Resort’s 4th floor concourse. The area is full of refurbishment walls as seen below.

The rennovation will last for the next few months as they rearrange the shops and restylize the entire area.

The work is noisy during the day at this point, as demolition style work is being done to remove the old pin shop and other items which are finding their way to the local dump. Outside, hammers and drills attach safety netting to the concierge suite level balconies.

Other areas of the resort are in refurbishment as well. The second floor is being stripped and redone so folks will encounter walls galore as they travel from the lobby to the concourse. The grand stairways leading from the Bay Lake side of the resort to the 2nd floor conference level are also closed. The 2nd floor check-in for the California Grill is currently closed and guests may check-in at the restaurant itself.

Upcomming closures and refurbishment include the main lobby, the move of the arcade to the Fantasia store, the relocation of the quick-service food center (rumored to the concourse) and the Concourse Steakhouse (rumored to the current location of the Food and Fun center on the lobby level) as well as other aestethic changes.

We’ve heard rumors that the new lobby will have a nice water feature.

There is currently no word on what will be done to the North Garden Wing, and the rooms remain unchanged – and outdated.

Work on the 2nd floor and concierge suite level should conclude within a month. We will have more details and images in the next few days.

Posted on August 1, 2006
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