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Nemo Musical starts shows November 5th

by on October 28, 2006

Finding Nemo: The Musical will begin preview performances for audiences at the Theater in the Wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park on November 5th. The performances are expected to run through until the grand opening, though there may be dark days for modifications to the show.

Magic Kingdom Holiday Setup Schedule

by on October 28, 2006

The holiday season is coming to the Magic Kingdom park and here’s the installation schedule for decorations as we know it:

November 1: Exteriors, Castle Stage, overhead
garland cables, Mainstreet Shops, and icon tree in the Rose Garden

November 2: Overhead garlands, Main Street Train Station, exteriors, Liberty Tree, Crystal Palace

November 3: Parade route, Liberty Square,
Frontierland, Mickey’s Toontown Fair

In preperation for filming of the Christmas day parade, decor from the Castle stage and overhead gardlands along the parade route will be removed Nov 28-Dec 5, and the icon tree will be moved from the Rose Garden to Town Square on Dec 6th.

Animal Kingdom has first Extra Dream Hour

by on October 28, 2006

Several unsuspecting guests boarding Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom on October 28th, 2006, were greeted by the Disney Dream Squad and had wristbands strapped to their wrists.

These guests had won the “Extra Dream Hour” prize in the park to enjoy attractions in the park after it had closed to the general public, with little to no wait.

Though noted in the official rules for the contest, this is the first reported occurance of this prize being awarded.

Epcot overhauls in 2007?

by on October 28, 2006

We’ve heard several rumors involving refurbishments and rennovations at Epcot in 2007, but no exact dates or releases from Disney. These items should be considered speculation/rumor until confirmed officially.

First, in January the LED globe from Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is said to be out for rennovation and updates for about 3 weeks. We’ve heard from cast members that test shows without the globe were performed in the last week to see how new temporary show elements would look in its place. The globe is speculated to return with updated technology and systems.

Over at a larger sphere, Spaceship Earth is said to close sometime in summer or fall of 2007 for rennovation. The majority of the attraction is expected to remain the same, but the finale show scenes are expected to be updated with new technology. Cast members report that the post show area, once the Global Neighborhood sponsored by AT&T, has finally been gutted and will open sometime earlier in 2007.

Around the World Showcase, a new film is expected to debut in the Canada circlevision 360 theater. The “O Canada” replacement film has been filming and is confirmed, but an exact timeframe is unknown.

Across showcase plaza in Mexico, El Rio del Tiempo is expected to receive a Three Cabelleros makeover. The three characters were recently brought in to meet and greet at the pavilion and reliable sources have mentioned plans for the ride’s rivival to bring guests back into it. An exact timeframe is unknown, however the refurbishment is expected to follow Canada’s replacement film.

Again, all of these items are strong rumors but unofficial at this point.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Refurbishment

by on October 27, 2006

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the Magic Kingdom will be closed for a minor refurbishment on November 15th, 2006.

Beware of automatic Trip Insurance!

by on October 27, 2006

We’ve received several reports lately of people making alterations to reservations at Disney World Resorts after the new computer system upgrade (see below) and then suddenly being charged more then expected for their entire reservation.

If this occurs, please have the Cast Members on the phone go through your reservation item-by-item. The new computer system is apparently automaticly adding trip insurance to reservations, which can account for the sudden jump in total price. Wether or not to include trip insurance in your vacation package is your decision – not Disney’s new computers.

New Test Track exhibit opens

by on October 26, 2006

The Dreamchasers virtual-reality simulation at the exit of Test Track in Epcot quietly closed down recently and has been replaced with a new interactive area exploring the wonders of alternative fuels.

The main focus is a full scale repliace of the undercarriage of a vehicle along the rear wall which lights up and explains new vehicles systems in a multimedia presentation.

There are also interactive kiosks to explore. Though fairly basic, these seem to harken back to an old-fashioned Epcot feel of interactivity rather then computer screens and keyboards which are commonplace at home and the office.

One often overlooked element is the large projection on the floor.

The image cycles through corn (shown above), lightning, and bouncing words in water. It’s actually a large interactive projection. When you walk through the corn kernels pop into popcorn, the lightning zaps around following you, and bouncing words bounce away and ripple when you step on them.

New China Exhibit Opens

by on October 26, 2006

Tomb Warriors has opened in the China pavilion’s gallery at Epcot.

The new exhibit makes a stunning addition to Epcot and features hundreds of scaled replicas of statues found at tombs from ancient China.

The gallery is directly adjacent to the Reflections of China circlevision film and operates during regular World Showcase hours.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends on Map and Tipboard

by on October 26, 2006

The new ride at Epcot, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, has made its way onto the park map at Epcot. It is now on the cover replacing Soarin’ as the featured attraction suggesting the lines will soon swell.

Typically, the lines only reach about 40mins though during peak parts of the day and move constantly as the omnimover ride system is very effective. Otherwise, the ride averages about 20 minutes or a walk-on for most parts of the day.

An important note: You can no longer enter the pavilion via the exit to see Turtle Talk or the aquarium exhibits. You do not have to ride the ride to enter, but you must enter through the queue. Shortly after the first portion of the queue, there is a CM stationed at a bypass hallway which will direct you to the pavilion instead of the remainder of the queue and the ride.

Typically there is little to no wait in this portion of the queue (meaning 90% of the time you’ll be able to walk right through with no wait to the pavilion), so it works as a crowd control measure once the ride and pavilion begins to become busy.

A good time to visit the new ride is in the evening as the crowds in Future World have begun to die down signifigantly, but the new ride stays open until the park closes. Here, the Epcot tipboard accurately shows a 60min wait for Soarin’ and a 5min walk-on wait for Nemo shortly after 7pm.

The new ride also operates during evening extra magic hours for Disney resort guests, but does not open for the morning extra magic hours.

Desktop computers in Contemporary Tower

by on October 19, 2006

Desktop computers have been reportedly installed in rooms on the 11th floor of the Contemporary tower. They currently allow access to the internet, concierge services, and other hotel related features free of charge.