Contemporary Construction (DVC?) Update

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Construction has begun on the North Garden Wing of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Though Disney has not stated that the project is for a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) offering, the STOLport staging site mentioned in a permit filed (see previous updates) which specificly refered to a DVC at Contemporary looks to be under construction as well. At that site, they have cleared land exactly as the permit detailed for trailers and parking lot to (presumably) stage the larger construction at the Contemporary itself. Aside from this hush-hush work, we have the work at the Contamporary itself:

Unlike the previous rennovation of the South Garden Wing, the parking lot of the North Garden Wing has been cleared of divisions and planters, suggesting the building may expand into the parking lot as the original large tower plans for the DVC suggested.

Those familiar with the work being done currently on the building say they are removing all abestos and furnishing still.

Around the rest of the Contemporary other changes are occuring. The 4th floor Concourse remains incomplete, but a small set of shelves has been set up as a temporary shop to fill the large expanse where the Pin Shop once resided. Any clutter near the Mary Blair mural has been removed and the area feels very open on the north end now. They are also repainting the frames of the south atrium windows.

And finally, new CM costumes are starting to roll out for the resort. Housekeeping (pictured below) wear beige/tan shirts with brown pants which match the buildings new painted and wood panel color scheme. Front desk and concierge are expected to soon get a pin stripe suit in a similiar dark brown with baby blue and salmon colored shirts differentiating between concierge and front desk. Currently only housekeeping is wearing the new costumes.

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