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MVMCP Sold Out 12/15/06

by on December 15, 2006

The Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for December 15th, 2006, is Sold Out.


by on December 15, 2006

Someone, somewhere, at the Walt Disney Company decided that blue-green tiles on planters in Epcot are either ugly, outdated, or just in some way wrong. Those tiles are being systematicly removed from the entire park.

Work has progressed over the past year to remove the tiles from planters around the Innoventions buildings in phases and around the Mousegear store and is finally reaching the areas around Guest Relations.

If you see a random sections of refurbishment walls in the front areas of Epcot and afterward nothing seem to have been changed, don’t be alarmed, they probably just removed the tiles and replaced it with standard rock-conglomerate.

Spaceship Earth postshow work revs up

by on December 15, 2006

The postshow area of Spaceship Earth (once called the New Global Neighborhood, and previously the Global Neighbrhood, and prior to that the Earth Station) is now a big empty shell of its former self (and/or selfs.)

The gutted duct-work, insulation, and wall panel mess is a happy sign of progress toward a shiny new postshow area funded by Siemens. Details of when the new area will debut are unknown, but the area has been completely stripped down for remodeling – suggesting a big and bold new exhibit.

Siemens more visible in Epcot

by on December 15, 2006

Siemens has recently become much more visible as a proud sponsor in Epcot.

During your slow moving trip through time on Spaceship Earth, you are now greeted as Siemens welcomes you aboard and then as you exit, Siemens invites you to explore, like the previews AT&T and Bell Systems speiels once did.

Further, signage atop the fountain barges in Illuminations: Reflections of Earth now sport Siemens blue-green color lighted signs that glow with the sponsors logo at the end of the show every night.

PI automated Ticket Kiosks now open

by on December 15, 2006

Automated ticketing kiosks are now open at Pleasure Island. The kiosks are self service (with an attedant just incase) and are located in the center of the Island between 8TRAX and the Comedy Warehouse.

PI Walls are mostly down

by on December 15, 2006

The massive refurbishment walls running the length of Pleasure Island have mostly vanished in recently days.

A few minor walls remain, but the majority of the area is again open and the walkways easier to navigate. Several buildings are still shuttered, but this show of progress is noteworthy.

A new flow pattern looks to be introduced to the area in the coming months. The cnetral walkway looks to be for regular pedestrian traffic going from Marketplace to the West Side shopping areas, while the Pleasure Islands night club traffic will enter the clubs and then pass between them via a walkway underneath the bridge leading to the West Side and travel between clubs on the Water Front walkways (both the Downtown Disney lake and the ponds on the parking lot side).

Laugh Floor Signage and Test Shows

by on December 15, 2006

Final signage and decor has been installed for the Laugh Floor Comedy Club at the Magic Kingdom. Guests are being pulled at random from the park to experience “test showings” of the attraction as it is tweaked for the enjoyment of everyone leading up to its actual opening.

The interior queue is slightly stark and resembling the corporate offices of the power company from Monsters Inc (the movie upon which the attraction is based.)

Animations for the comedians who entertain guests during the show are said to still be in production though and not yet completely finished.

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor DVC Previews January 19-21

by on December 12, 2006

Disney Vacation Club members will have previews of the upcoming attraction, Monsters Inc. The Laugh Floor, on January 19-21, 2007.

Kali River Rapids Refurbishment

by on December 12, 2006

Kali River Rapids will be closed for refurbishment Febuary 5-9, 2007.

Magic Carpets of Aladdin Refurbishment Dec 13-14

by on December 12, 2006

The Magic Carpets of aladdin will be cloed for refurbishment December 13-14, 2006.