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New hotel search tool – find the lowest rates on the web for Disney-area hotels

by on December 10, 2006

Each night, the Unofficial Guide collects almost 100,000 new hotel quotes from dozens of websites offering rooms in Orlando, for up to 10 months into the future. Because this information is so useful, we’ve created a simple search tool to help start your search for the best hotel bargains in Orlando. Click here to try the hotel search tool.

One thing that’s always bugged us about hotel search engines is that they never provide context around the rate they’re offering. Unless you’ve followed the market for six months, how are you supposed to know whether a $149 rate at the Marriott is a good deal or not?

Our new search tool fixes that problem by telling you what other people have paid for the exact same room, from every website, all throughout the year. You’ll be able to compare the rate you’re getting with the lowest, average, and highest rates over the past year. Using this information, you’ll be able to judge whether the rate you’re getting is good.

Since we’ve got a database of almost 40 million quotes, we’ll also predict whether the rate you’re quoted today is likely to go up, stay the same, or go down in price during the next week.

A couple of points:

1) The search tool works best for non-Disney hotels. We recommend a Disney-specialist travel agency for Disney hotels.

2) The search tool is new. Drop us a line if you notice anything odd happening.

3) Also let us know if you can’t get the rate shown from the vendor we quote. That shouldn’t happen very often.

Good luck with the hotel searches!

Pleasure Island 21+ Again

by on December 8, 2006

The dance clubs of Pleasure Island will be 21 and up starting the evening of January 1st, 2007. This change pertains to the BET Soundstage Club, 8TRAX, Mannequins Dance Palace, Motion and Rock ‘n’ Roll Beach Club at Pleasure Island. The Adventurers Club and The Comedy Warehouse will continue to admit all ages with guests under age 18 accompanied by an adult.

High School Musical leaving Tomorrowland

by on December 2, 2006

The High School Musical Pep Rally is leaving Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom park in early January.

New audition notices have been posted for a version of the show to take place at Disney MGM Studios.

Details behind the decision for the move are unknown.

Visit the Wonders of Life! (Photo Tour)

by on December 1, 2006

The Wonders of Life, closed since Janaury 2006, is now reopened at Epcot for you to explore.

The attraction itself is a true Epcot “pavilion” offering many options under one comfortable climate controlled roof. The golden dome rises up from the berm between the Universe of Energy and Mission: SPACE in Future World East providing a relaxing respite from peak season crowds.

Hanging from the roof of the massive dome, a large colorful mobile spins continuously giving the area a unique kinetic energy. The Wonders of Life was once the most popular attraction at Epcot with wait times to enter the building itself.

Body Wars is located toward to rear of the dome and was once Epcot’s most thrilling attraction with 4 hours waits that encircled the entire dome walkways. During this breif reopening, you can probably expect to walk on to this piece of history. It’s still a fun ride based on the Star Tours simulator technology.

Cranium Command is a fanciful audio animatronic show that is full of Epcot nostalgia.

Finally, be sure to check out some of the lesser-known parts of the Wonders of Life. Goofy About Health is a fun presentation featuring some classic Goofy animated shorts and the Sensory Funhouse has activites worth exploring. There is also a small Kidcot area added to the pavilion where kids can paint part of a large banner to be displayed in the pavilion.

Wonders of Life may not be on the park map, but it is open and is worth a look.