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Liberty Square Riverboat Refurbishment

by on January 29, 2007

The Liberty Square Riverboat will be closed for refurbishment Febuary 27th to March 1st, 2007.

Some timely El rio del Tiempo tidbits

by on January 29, 2007

Some tidbits of information to hold us over until El Rio del Tiempo reopens in April from refurbishment:

On Epcot branded merchandise, Donald Duck is appearing in Mexican garb along side Nemo and Figment.

The signage outfront of the pavilion has been been removed, suggesting an upgrade to the marquee for the attraction to attract more visitors.

Inside the pavilion, all of the carts and kiosks of the shopping area have been shifted over to the right, suggesting the queue will be reworked through the area to accomodate more guests.

Guests who visitted Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour in late December are reporting seeing pieces of scenery being worked on that was for the attraction including palm tree backdrops and platforms with arches.

Paperwork filed for the refurbishment lists simply “refurbishment” rather then describing the work to be done to the ride. However, Brad Rex (Epcot’s head) has since said the refurbishment will involve the Three Cabelleros.

Turtles Talk is in Transit

by on January 29, 2007

A reminder, Turtle Talk with Crush at the Seas pavilion in Epcot has closed to trasition to a higher capacity theater in the pavilion and to the move the queue into a better location. The attraction is expected to reopen Febuary 17th.

Raze the Racquet

by on January 29, 2007

Disney’s Racquet Club at the Contemporary Resort now ceases to exist entirely. The complex located just north of the North Garden Wing of the resort has been demolished and removed from the face of the earth. The facility once provided professional tennis lessons to Disney guests and had superb court facilities.

China Tea Cart

by on January 29, 2007

The China Tea Cart we reported permits being filed for earlier last month has opened. It offers select food items and a variety of beverages right off the main world showcase promenade on the lagoon side.

The new look of clean!

by on January 25, 2007

Making a “clean” break from tradition, the Walt Disney World Resorts are now introducing a new line of bath and shower items.

Gone are the days of the “Everyone neat and pretty?” signature Mickey icon black and red items. The new washes and bars feature a modern feel with gentle blue tones and more upcale presentation then their predecessors. Not pictured: after unwrapping the bars of soap, they still feature a carved Mickey Mouse.

High School Musical Pep Rally moves from Magic Kingdom to Disney-MGM Studios

by on January 24, 2007

This live show, once in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland (yes, it made no sense to us either) has moved to a more fitting home at Disney-MGM Studios. The Pep Rally begins near Star Tours and proceeds clockwise along the border of Echo Lake, ending at the Sorcerer Mickey hat in front of the Great Movie Ride. Check the daily entertainment schedule for performance times.

New Magic Kingdom Touring Plan for Grandparents with Small Children

by on January 21, 2007

The attractions in this touring plan are generally those rated at least three stars (out of five) by both seniors and small children, plus a handful of senior-friendly attractions that kids just love. Specifically designed to minimize walking, this includes a mid-day break of at least three hours and dining recommendations for lunch and dinner. We don’t try to cover the entire park, either: most of Tomorrowland is left as an option if everyone’s feeling up for it.

To convert this itinerary into a two-day plan, one option is to do steps 1 – 14 on Day 1. If you’re returning in the morning of Day 2, do steps 25 – 26 first, then steps 16 through 24.

An alternate strategy for a morning and afternoon is to do steps 1 – 14 on the morning of Day 1, and steps 15 to 28 on the afternoon of Day 2.

Link to Touring Plan Page

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Single Rider Line May Open Monday, Jan 22

by on January 21, 2007

We hear the Disney-MGM Studios’ Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster may open a temporary single-rider line on Monday, January 22. It should remain open through March’s scheduled rehab, at which time a decision will be made on whether to keep the line open permanently.

Fixed minor issue with Firefox browser and dates on the trip planner

by on January 15, 2007

Fixed a minor issue with how the free online trip planner validates dates entered, when using Firefox and similar browsers. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their system configurations!