Some timely El rio del Tiempo tidbits

Some tidbits of information to hold us over until El Rio del Tiempo reopens in April from refurbishment:

On Epcot branded merchandise, Donald Duck is appearing in Mexican garb along side Nemo and Figment.

The signage outfront of the pavilion has been been removed, suggesting an upgrade to the marquee for the attraction to attract more visitors.

Inside the pavilion, all of the carts and kiosks of the shopping area have been shifted over to the right, suggesting the queue will be reworked through the area to accomodate more guests.

Guests who visitted Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour in late December are reporting seeing pieces of scenery being worked on that was for the attraction including palm tree backdrops and platforms with arches.

Paperwork filed for the refurbishment lists simply “refurbishment” rather then describing the work to be done to the ride. However, Brad Rex (Epcot’s head) has since said the refurbishment will involve the Three Cabelleros.