We’ve spent several consecutive weeks in the parks so far this year, checking our crowd calendar predictions against what’s actually occurred. We should have those data up on the website in the next week, so bear with us while we sort through the thousands of pieces of data we collected.

A quick update on our predictions for Thursday, February 22:

Crowd level we predicted: 9 (Peak waits of 85 to 94 minutes at the Magic Kingdom headliner attractions)

What actually happened: 10 (Peak waits of 110 minutes at Space Mountain)

We were a little low on that one, but not by much. I think when we evaluate all of our predictions for this year, we’ll be within our current range of +/- 8 minutes, on average.

It appears that crowds are slightly higher this year than last. Also Thursday’s traditionally a busy day at the Magic Kingdom.

Finally, with Disney’s tinkering of Extra Magic Hours, it appears as if Wednesday may be the slowest day of the week at the Magic Kingdom. Still looking at that, so no definite conclusions yet.