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Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plans Update

by on April 21, 2007

We’ve updated the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plans. These plans are designed to see every attraction, show, and live performance in the Magic Kingdom in as little time as possible. They’re not intended for families, first-time visitors, or anyone who wants a relaxing day at the park. If your idea of “taking the day off” involves a six-mile jog and activities that require signing liability waivers, this is your plan.

Minor book corrections posted

by on April 17, 2007

A few more minor book corrections posted today.

A Glimpse of Tomorrow!

by on April 17, 2007

Project Tomorrow will soon be opening for Epcot guests to explore after exiting Spaceship Earth. The post-show area is even scheduled to remain open during the ride’s upcoming rennovation. Here is video we took today of the new visual FX they’re working on for the area:

The area should open sometime this month, and even today select few guests were asked to try out some of the interactive areas.

Animal Kingdom celebrates Earth Day

by on April 16, 2007

According to the Orlando Sentinel the Animal Kingdom will be celebrating Earth day this coming weekend with some events for children and families.

Guests will be able to travel to different stations around the park to collect postcards and learn about conservation. Festivities begin Friday from 9am to 3pm. Checkout for more details. (
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1900 Park Fare Refurb

by on April 11, 2007

The 1900 Park Fare restaurant will be closed for refurbishment July 9th – October 1st, 2007. During this period, the Grand Floridian Cafe will offer character meals as a replacement.

Toy story Pizza Planet Refurb

by on April 11, 2007

The Toy Story Pizza Planet restaurant will be closed for refurbishment May 7th – 19th, 2007.

West Epcot Information Board

by on April 11, 2007

Permits have been filed to installed an LED information board in Future World West near the entrance to the Land pavilion (home of Soarin’). This board may be an additional tipboard similiar to the one installed in Future World ast recently, or may only carry information pertaining to Soarin’ and it’s fastpass distribution (which is often gone by 11am). We’ll keep you updated.

Character Spot Opening Date

by on April 11, 2007

Epcot’s Character Spot, which will provide an interactive character greeting area themed to the original Epcot Future World pavilions (communication, energy, land, transportation, and space) is scheduled to open in June. It replaces the Chracter Connection and will be housed in the former Pasta Piazza restaurant location behind the Fountainview Cafe.

Also, it is currently unknown if the Fountainview Cafe will return to service once construction of the new venue is completed.

Spaceship Earth Upgrade Announced

by on April 10, 2007

A major upgrade to Epcot’s Spaceship Earth has been announced:

“Enhancements to the time-travel attraction will encompass changes to each of the ride scenes. New show scenes will be added to the attraction’s story along with new lighting effects, costumes, set decoration, narration and musical score. The time travel adventure will be enhanced through new, interactive touch screens installed aboard each “time machine” that will enable guests to create their own visions of the future and see themselves in that future.”

More details shortly. We’re happy to see Disney make a substantial investment in this classic attraction.

Main Street Bakery refurb ends

by on April 7, 2007

Refurbishment of the Main Street Bakery has concluded and the eatery now offers an expanded seating area into what was previously the glass/crystal shop.