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New Test for Monorail Lime

by on May 20, 2007

Monorail Lime is currently testing a new passenger compartment configuration. The new style completely removed the center divider and has 4 spread out rails for guests to hold onto. This should theorhetically make it easier for guests to enter with wheelchairs and strollers.

Previously, several monorails had their fold-down seating removed from the center divider. This allowed more footspace, but did not really solve the problems caused by the center divider. The project was abandoned and some monorails still have the fold-down seats, though they are not functional.

If the new test with Lime proves successful, it should expand to the other monorails. As it stands, the WDW monorail fleet is a mix of the various styles and attempts at increased capacity.

West Tipboard is coming – slowly

by on May 20, 2007

The LED Tipboard to be installed in Future World West at Epcot is begining to show signs of construction. A small plot of land within one of the planters has been cleared and a directional sign moved elsewhere to make way for the project. We should see the new sign sometime in the next month. Remember, the East tipboard at Epcot is special in that is displays FastPass distribution times – a very helpful tool in successful park touring. The West tipboard should likely display similiar information. It will be located at the edge of the bridge as you approach the Land pavilion. For reference, here’s the East tipboard celebrating the Year of a Million Dreams:

If these tipboard prove successful, they may be expanded to other parks to help guide guests to attractions.

Legacy to Leave?

by on May 20, 2007

Leave a Legacy at Epcot may be going the way of the Dodo bird. Disney recently filed permits to demolish the structure around the base of Spaceship Earth’s mirrored column (below) and to remove the sales kiosks near the main entrance.

The monoliths with their etched guest faces should remain in some format until the contract to display them expires.

Character Spot open at Epcot

by on May 20, 2007

Character Spot at Epcot has officially opened. The air conditioned and stylized area allows guests to get photos with multiple Disney characters in a short period of time infront of themed backdrops. It’s said to be the future of character meet and greets at Walt Disney World. The area is located behind the Fountainview Cafe in the Innoventions West building and typically operates from 9am to 5pm daily.

We’re seeing more enforcement of FASTPASS return times

by on May 19, 2007

Over the past few years Disney had become fairly lax in enforcing the return times shown on FASTPASS tickets. If your FASTPASS return window was, for example, between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, the vast majority of Castmembers would accept that FASTPASS any time after 1 pm until the park closed.

That seems to be changing. In tests over the past week at both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, we were denied use of FASTPASSes that were no more than 3 hours old.

We make limited use of expired FASTPASSes in a handful of touring plans, and we’ll be updating those plans to a better FASTPASS use strategy in the very near future. In the meantime, readers should assume that Disney will not honor expired FASTPASSes.


Crowd calendar update for November ’07 park and EMH hours

by on May 10, 2007

We’ve also added predictions for April and May 2008. Enjoy the calendar.

Disney begins testing Family FASTPASSes at Kilimanjaro Safari

by on May 7, 2007

Word is that Disney has started testing a FASTPASS for families at Kilimanjaro Safaris. Instead of every member of your family having their own FASTPASS for a ride, one “Family FASTPASS” will cover everyone in your group. A staff member at the FASTPASS booth will ensure your family FASTPASS covers the right number of people.

We also hear that these new FASTPASSes may include barcodes, which will help Disney track FASTPASS use more accurately throughout the park.

Contemporary shuffle dates

by on May 3, 2007

Please be aware if you plan on visitting the Contemporary Resort in the future that several areas are about to change location.

A temporary quick service restaurant location will open
near the Outer Rim lounge on the 4th Floor on July 30, 2007, and will
operate through August 14, 2008. The Food and Fun Center will be closed
during this timeframe as the space is being converted into a new table
service restaurant called The Wave which will open in late March or
April, 2008. Concourse Steakhouse will at that time to make way for a
new, permanent quick service restaurant which will open in mid-August,