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Epcot map changes

by on June 10, 2007

A few minor changes have been made recently to Epcot’s park maps. The Gran Fiesta Tour ride in Mexico has finally replaced El Rio del Tiempo and the mere mention of Donald Duck in the attraction has added a slight boost to the popularity. Also, the Fountain View cafe has been completely removed from the map. As far as Disney is concerned it doesn’t exist anymore, desipte being in the dead center of the park and highly visible.

New Star Tours experience coming soon

by on June 10, 2007

We’ve gotten word that Star Tours is facing a major refurbishment either late this year or early next year. Actors from the Star Wars films have confirmed filming segments for the attraction. The exact extent, length, and scope of this refurbishment is currently unknown.

Rockin Roll Beach Club closed 6/16

by on June 10, 2007

The Rockin Roll Beach Club at Pleasure Island will be closed for a private event on June 16th, 2007.

Club Cool early closure 6/14

by on June 10, 2007

Club Cool in Epcot will close early on June 14, 2007, at 4:30pm for a private event.

France and China added to EMH

by on June 10, 2007

To replace the closed Malestrom during Evening Extra Magic Hours, the films in France (Impressions de France) and China (Reflections of China) will remain open.

Maelstrom to close at 8pm for June

by on June 10, 2007

The Maelstrom in Epcot will be closing early at 8pm for the remainder of the month of June. It will not be offered during Evening Extra Magic Hours either.

TTC ends locker rentals

by on June 10, 2007

The locker rental location at the Ticket and Transportation Center (Magic Kingdom’s parking lot) has ceased operation. Lockers are still available for rent at the 4 theme parks.

If your trip is within the next six months, make dining reservations as soon as you’re done reading this

by on June 9, 2007

While walking around the parks and resorts this weekend, we noticed that most, if not many, sit-down restaurants had signs posted out front saying something like “In order to serve guests with existing dining reservations, we are unable to accept walk-up dining requests this evening.” In other words, unless you have reservations, don’t even think about asking for a meal here.

Most of the World Showcase countries displayed some version of this sign, as did the sit-down restaurants at the Yacht Club, Beach Club, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’re sure there were more restaurants with similar signs elsewhere.

We know it’s crazy to ask to know, six months in advance, the exact time and place you’ll be hungry while on vacation. These, however, seem to be the new rules of the dining game. The number to call for dining reservation is (407) WDW-DINE. Good luck.

Low-flow shower heads at Coronado Springs: A good idea taken too far

by on June 9, 2007

We stayed at Coronado Springs Friday night. Disney has installed new low-flow shower heads at this resort. We certainly understand the amount of water used at Disney’s resorts, and the need to be conscious of the environmental impact. We think, however, these new shower heads may have gone too far.

The stream of water coming out of the unadjustable heads can’t be more than three inches wide, and the water pressure is borderline unacceptable. Said one of our 9-year old daughters “First I had to wash my hair on the left side, then my middle, then my right side.”

We’ll be checking more moderate resorts over the next month to see how widespread these new shower heads have become.

More email problems on Thursday

by on June 7, 2007

We had some minor email issues on Thursday, so please resend any emails that should have gone to Sorry for the inconvenience.