The lobby of the Contemporary is walled off in sections as it is renovated to fir the new look of the resort, as seen in the concept art seen below.

Also, work has begun on the new store for the 4th floor concourse, which has changed in style from being a simplistic series of kiosks to a fully developed store space.

Some find the new design a bit overwhelming with its giant Mickey ears. It is assumed the new design is to better enclose the store and prevent theft. (Ignore our flash remnant in the photo please!)

Other areas of the concourse are also walled off as they work to install a temporary quick service restaurant near Chef Mickey’s and also work to replace the flooring. From above, the footprint of the new store is clearly visible behind the refurbishment walls.

These renovations are expected to last well into 2008 before the entire project is completed. Perhaps by then Disney will acknowledge the DVC building they’re constructed next door.