Epcot Futurscaping

by on August 31, 2007

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If you visit Epcot anytime soon, you’ll probably notice that the main entrance feels different, even if you can’t quite put your finger on the exact changes.

Of course the Wand is gone, but Disney is also generally rethinking the areas surrounding Spaceship Earth. Noticeably, the large box-shaped trees with twinkle lights have been removed around the base of Spaceship Earth. While it does add a greater sense of height for the structure, our sources say that Disney has felt these trees were problematic since the beginning. Apparently, this particular species takes poorly to being shaped and the stress is detrimental to both the tree’s health and appearance. Thus, they are now replaced with sturdy palms. Other foliage around the area is getting trimmed and replaced as well.

Additionally, work has begun on rerouting guest traffic for better flow through security and the turnstiles. Two security canopies has been installed in the plaza on the left of the entrance area near what is intended to be the parking tram unloading area. Theoretically, the parking tram should unload at that spacious location and then proceed to the area underneath the monorail station to pickup new guests. This currently only occurs during peak periods, but the new security checkpoint may reinstate the process.

When finished, the new security checkpoints should alleviate the problems that Epcot has had with bag checks slowing down entry through the turnstiles. Additional signage and railings are scheduled to be installed around the main entrance as well.

Posted on August 31, 2007
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