Epcot 25 blossoms and grows

For those of you who may not recognize it,the image above is of a freshly planted topiary or mini-hedge of the Epcot flower-logo from the 1980’s. It is located directly behind Spaceship Earth.

Disney has recently come on strong with an affinity for celebrating Epcot’s 25th anniversary when mere months ago it was set-in-stone as a non-event. Things have definitely changed. A quick rundown of events:

The park will be rededicated at 10am in a public ceremony open to all Epcot guests. A museum-style gallery will be installed in Innoventions West (most likely the exhibition hall which featured the NASA exhibit recently) that focuses on the history of Epcot through concept art, media, and models. A retro-guidebook will be available for guests as a keepsake of the day. Restaurants in the park will offer retro food offerings. Talks with Marty Sklar (Imagineering Ambassador) will be held in the Circle of Life theater and open to passholders (theater seats 428, pre-registration may be needed). Illuminations Reflections of Earth will have a special finale featuring 800 extra shells of fireworks.

And coincidentally, the new National Treasures exhibit at the American Heritage Gallery will be dedicated that day.

Exact final schedules are being hammered out, but it looks like a good day to be in Epcot if you’re interested in the festivities. So much for a quiet backstage celebration.