Toy Story Mania Update

by on October 10, 2007

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The exterior is nearing completion over at Toy Story Mania and according top the grapevine, the interior is nearly complete as well.

Cast Members to be on the pre-opening “Test and Adjust” crew have been selected and will begin staffing the attraction within the next few weeks. Once they’re inside, we’re hoping to hear more details about the attraction in general.

The exterior is obviously based on Pixar’s own studio facade with the brickwork and black I-beams.

The general opening of Toy Story Mania is said to occur in summer of 2008. With the opening of Block Party Bash in March it’s not a illogical jump to conclude that Toy Story Mania may open in the March-April period as well.

If anything, we hope they have reopened the walkway infront of the building prior to the large Christmas and New Years crowds, as the closure of the avenue does make it a bit tedious to navigate the park.

Posted on October 10, 2007
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