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Monorail Green for Sale

by on October 20, 2007

Those of you who collect Disney Monorails toys will be happy to know they are now selling Monorail Green. It is similar to the last available monorail (Blue) in that has functioning doors and comes with playset characters.

Yak and Yeti nears completion

by on October 20, 2007

Construction is really taking shape and winding down at the Yak and Yeti restaurant scheduled to open at the Animal Kingdom park in mid-November.

Finishing touches including ornate woodwork are being added to the exterior.

Also, skilled painters brush on flair and character.

The restaurant should feature a full service dining experience as well as a store and a large counter service eatery.

Earth Globe – again?

by on October 20, 2007

We’ve previously reported that the Earth Globe was set to be absent from Illuminations: Reflections of earth at Epcot several times in the past year so that it could undergo upgrades and enhancements. We’ve gotten word that the newest date to try and bring it out of the show for the needed repairs will be at the end of the Food and Wine Festival. Will it happen? Who knows, but know that it could.

American Adventure Refurbishment

by on October 20, 2007

The American Adventure attraction will be closed for refurbishment January 7 – February 3, 2008. This is for installation of replacement curtains and screens for the attraction.

Touch of color

by on October 20, 2007

An interesting find at Epcot: the installation of high end color-changing LED lights for the freshly planted palm trees around Spaceship Earth.

The lights are the Color Kinetics C-Splash series and are capable of 16.7 million colors. It should create a stunning visual at night.

It also follows an overall trend since they installed color changing lights in Spaceship Earth’s corporate lounge, as seen in this video taken earlier this year during the Flower and Garden Festival.

Whether or not these additions are pointing to a larger overhaul of the lighting system on the exterior of Spaceship Earth remains to be seen, but they do suggest a new look for Epcot’s main walkways at night.

T-Rex Restaurant construction

by on October 10, 2007

The T-Rex Restaurant has finally begun physical construction between the McDonald’s and Fulton’s Crab House at Downtown Disney’s Marketplace.

We’ll keep you updated as the construction progresses, as the venue promises to have a very interestingly themed exterior.

Toy Story Mania Update

by on October 10, 2007

The exterior is nearing completion over at Toy Story Mania and according top the grapevine, the interior is nearly complete as well.

Cast Members to be on the pre-opening “Test and Adjust” crew have been selected and will begin staffing the attraction within the next few weeks. Once they’re inside, we’re hoping to hear more details about the attraction in general.

The exterior is obviously based on Pixar’s own studio facade with the brickwork and black I-beams.

The general opening of Toy Story Mania is said to occur in summer of 2008. With the opening of Block Party Bash in March it’s not a illogical jump to conclude that Toy Story Mania may open in the March-April period as well.

If anything, we hope they have reopened the walkway infront of the building prior to the large Christmas and New Years crowds, as the closure of the avenue does make it a bit tedious to navigate the park.

A paler shade of blue for Epcot

by on October 10, 2007

More work has gone into the new marquees for Epcot’s Innoventions. We’re not sure what we think of it or if it’s even finished. We just know it’s more blue.

Also, in the Epcot parking lot there has been a change from regular orange cones to themed blue traffic cones. Yet again, more blue.

Add that to Spaceship Earth’s new paint job on the legs and supports and we think someone in Imagineering has an obvious favorite color.

Jedi Training Academy open and ready for action

by on October 10, 2007

The Jedi Training Academy next to the entrance to Star Tours at Disney-MGM Studios has completed its transition to a permanent stage.

The show now occurs several times daily with many a young Jedi chosen to battle it out against the dark forces. Check out the times guide for the daily show schedule.

Mouse without House – Minnie

by on October 7, 2007

Minnie’s Country House will be closed for refurbishment January 1, 2008 to February 1, 2008. Those in search of the famed mouse should consult a Cast Members at the parks in order to find an alternate location.