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Tusker house has reopened

by on November 17, 2007

Tusker House at the Animal Kingdom has reopened after converting to a buffet restaurant, including a character meal in the morning. Since it’s a new location, there’s a good chance for last minute reservations if you procrastinated.

Reviews so far paint the new location in a positive light, being called a sort of “mini-Boma” with similar menu choices. Much the the theming remains, with servers and hostesses explaining the story of the building more so then one would have typically heard when it was just a counter service location.

Playhouse Disney refurb

by on November 17, 2007

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage will be closed for refurbishment and a show change January 2 – 27, 2008.

Narnia walkthrough closure Jan-May

by on November 17, 2007

Journey Into Narnia: Creating The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe will be closed January 2 – May 23, 2008.

This closure is probably for the change over the next movie, and also to allow for Toy Story Mania construction.

Christmas Trees at AK and MK

by on November 16, 2007

The trees have been installed and are sparkling at the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom theme parks. First, a look at the Animal Kingdom’s tree, which is located in the entrance plaza of the park.

The level of detail of the decorations on the tree is simply stunning. It always reminds us slightly of the Lion King musical on Broadway too.

Over in the Magic Kingdom, the tree is currently nestled off to the side of the central hub, though it is depicted on the latest park maps (with Toy Soldiers from the parade on the cover for the holidays) as being in Town Square. In thoery it should move to that location once taping of the Christmas Day Parade concludes in early December.

The rest of the park is draped with holiday cheer, with much of the emphasis on Main Street though. The overhead garlands will also have to come down temporarily for the taping of the Christmas Day parade for a few days at the end of November.

And for fun, we’re throwing in this shot of a Donald topiary wrapped in lights, which can be found at Epcot’s main entrance, which is not yet completed, as its holiday festivities begin after Thanksgiving.

Yak and Yeti has opened

by on November 16, 2007

The Yak and Yeti has opened in the Animal Kingdom park. The restaurant has two floors and has managed to have reasonable wait times as it is not yet accepting reservations.

Near by, the quick-service location offers a brief but unique menu which expands the park’s options.

There is ample seating in an adjacent outdoor courtyard, and there is even a window for a walk-up bar. Some folks are already raving about the “Yak Attack” specialty drink.

There is also a small retail location which is separate from the main building. It is along the edge of the exterior courtyard and faces the monkey enclosure. It offers all sorts of tea related supplies including infusers and pots, as well as Yak and Yeti branded merchandise like t-shirts and bookmarks.

Signs of the times at Epcot

by on November 16, 2007

Recently the new signs at the entrance of Spaceship Earth were installed on the massive support legs of the sphere.

The signs match the stylistic choices of the Project Tomorrow post-show area at the exit of the attraction. By the way, if you need to kill some time before the February reopening of the ride, now has arcade games to play themed to the concepts to be explored in the renovated attraction.

Elsewhere in Epcot, work continues on the new metal fencing at the entrance. As of Wednesday work had progressed about halfway across the plaza and revealed a little surprise in the design.

Epcot fans will recognize the park’s original “flower” logo made of interlocking rings.

A different kind of sparkle…

by on November 16, 2007

In preparation of the holiday shopping rush, Disney has been adding elaborate decor to several shops. We took great delight in this twist on the concept of a “shimmering Cinderella castle” as expressed in a tower of light-up toys in the Emporium:

Seasonal merchandise has also made its way into the parks, with advent calendars pre-packed with candy and holiday-themed mouse ears.

Concourse Steakhouse to Close May 11, 2008

by on November 16, 2007

The Concourse Steakhouse at the Contemporary Resort will cease operation on May 11, 2008. This will allow for a permanent quick-service location to be installed in its place to meet the needs of the growing resort. The opening date of “The Wave” table service restaurant on lobby level has not yet been released.

Cinderella Castle Lights

by on November 12, 2007

Jose Eber from has uploaded a video onto YouTube of a portion of tonight’s castle lighting ceremony. It sparkles!

Free Personalized Touring Plans – Beta

by on November 11, 2007

We’re proud to announce the beta launch of a new personalized touring plan function for the website. Users can now create and share their own touring plans, which are rendered using the website’s maps, restaurant information, weather and trivia. Click here to get started.

We’ve also added a search feature for the touring plans, allowing you to easily find the best touring plans for your trip.

Note: This new touring plan capability is “beta” code, which means that while we’ve tested it as much as we can, it’s possible there are still a few obscure bugs or errors in the code. Drop us a line if you find any odd behavior.