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Disney CMO position open

by on January 22, 2008

Disney is seeking qualified individuals for their position of CMO, Chief Magic Official, at the Walt Disney World resort. Feel free to apply, as there are only 5 days left to do so, and let us know if you make the cut. In the meantime, here’s the audition tape of a well qualified candidate.

City Hall is Rotten

by on January 22, 2008

The wood had rotted, which is what wood does, so City Hall is behind tarps until they replace all the rotten wood. Until then, there’s this lovely photo-tarp to take pictures of.

The Future is Purple?

by on January 22, 2008

In a seemingly odd choice of color, Disney has begun painting large portions of Tomorrowland purple. Maybe it’s to distract people from the DVC tower at the Contemporary that Disney insists is not really there.

Toy Story Musical coming to Disney Cruiseline

by on January 22, 2008

Not quite at the parks, but interesting to say the least, is that Disney is putting a Toy Story Musical on the Disney Wonder cruise ship.

Mini-Golf Price Hike

by on January 22, 2008

Miniature golf at WDW has gone up to $11.95 for adults and $9.75 for children ages 3-9. The increase happened on January 13.

Spaceship Earth Schedule Changes

by on January 22, 2008

Amid the hype and hoopla of the refurbished Spaceship Earth opening for previews recently, Disney apparently forgot that they have the finish the attraction. The refurbishment calendar has thusly been updated to note that Spaceship Earth will be closed February 9–14 to finish the refurbishment process. It is otherwise open – though unfinished – until then.

Nintendo DS Handheld Guide trials at MK

by on January 22, 2008

Disney has recently been trying out a new sort of a “park guide” in the form of a modified Nintendo DS system. The system displays park information about attractions and tracks your movement through the park via GPS. Several guests have been asked to try the new system, and tests will continue for a few more days. Full implementation or wide availability of the system for use by guests may occur in the future, but at the moment no further information is available.

The Kim Possible scavenger hunt game at Epcot used similar technology and was tested last year, but only recently was the infrastructure to make it a permanent offering beginning installation. We expect this new offering to follow this pattern of trials and eventual implementation in the distant future.

What are they up to?

by on January 22, 2008

In the “we not really sure” category of news: we know that Disney is working hard on something inside of the empty ABC theater at Disney Hollywood Studios as well as revamping the empty theater which used to house the Hunchback of Notre Dame show. What exactly will come of these projects? We don’t know. No formal announcements have been made, but they’re definitely under construction.

Gardens of the World Tour Offered During Flower and Garden Festival

by on January 15, 2008

While Disney no longer offers the Gardens of the World tour on a regular basis, the tour is being offered during Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, which runs from March 19 through June 1, 2008. Tours can be reserved by calling (407) WDW-TOUR.

Rock N Roll Beach Club at PI to close

by on January 12, 2008

The Rock N Roll Beach Club at Pleasure Island will cease operation on February 3rd, 2008. The venue will be replaced by a yet-unknown development as part of a larger overhaul of Pleasure Island. Disney states that there are no current plans to close other venues at Pleasure Island.