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Imagination Refurb

by on January 12, 2008

Journey into Imagination with Figment and the Kodak “What If” Labs will both be closed for refurbishment January 28 to February 24th, 2008.

This will have a minimal impact on guests as the ride is the least attended attraction of that style. On a busy work day we’re betting there will be more construction people in the building then there would have been guests if it remained open.

The refurbishment is mainly for the “What If” Labs (“What If” it wasn’t boring and outdated?) and to replace flooring, thus the ride itself should remain mostly untouched.

July 2008 Crowd Calendar Updated

by on January 7, 2008

Link here.

Also note that in 2009, Super Bowl XLIII will be played in Tampa, FL on Sunday, February 1. We expect this to have a significant impact on WDW crowds that weekend.

Minneapolis-St Paul Star Tribune: Make the most of your WDW days by using the Unofficial Guide

by on January 6, 2008

The Minneapolis-St Paul Star Tribune’s John Mugford has written an article describing how the Unofficial Guide helped his family plan their 2007 trip to Walt Disney World.

While we’ve never met Mr. Mugford, we can tell from his opening sentence (“Chances are, you will not have fun at Walt Disney World – unless you follow the daily touring plans in a certain guidebook”) that the man is destined for greatness. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to find that Pulitzer nominating form.

Read the entire article here.

Still no Disney website updates for July 2008

by on January 5, 2008

Last checked Saturday, 2 am Eastern. The existing crowd calendar’s estimates are still the best we know of. As soon as Disney posts something official, we’ll update the calendar.

Disney website still missing park hours and EMH schedule as of Thursday

by on January 3, 2008

The bad news: Disney’s website is still missing the July 2008 Extra Magic Hour schedule as well as park hours for Disney Hollywood Studios.

The good news: The EMH schedule and park hours we see for the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom lead us to believe that Disney will run almost exactly the same EMH schedule in July 2008 as 2007, so the calendar estimates we have online should be close to final.

We’re also working to confirm Pirates and Princess dates throughout 2008. More updates shortly.

Crowd Calendar for July 2008 delayed – Disney has not posted EMHs

by on January 2, 2008

As of Wednesday night, Disney had not yet updated its website with July’s Extra Magic Hour schedule. We’ll post our updates to the crowd calendar as soon as those are available. Thanks for your patience!

Minor Updates to Free Trip Planner

by on January 1, 2008

We’ve made some minor updates to the free online trip planner, including updating the name of Disney Hollywood Studios and fixing an issue with printing PDF versions of the planner.