Spaceship Earth Ride Not Finished

by on February 23, 2008

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Though it has reopened, the Spaceship Earth ride is not entirely complete and is still be minored refurbished. Several new additions have been added since the first reopening in late 2007, and small bits are still being tweaked.

Notably, after this second closure the lighting has been worked on and the descent has had triangular panels added which are not finished but glow in a blue light. They appear unfinished as of our last inspection but seem to be part of a larger interested effect for the space.

Also, large neon wires now drape over the telephone routing scene, and smokestacks replace the blank wall as you transition from the Sistine Chapel to the Industrial Revolution. Also, the famously backwards paperboy now faces a well painted cityscape.

We are unsure of when Spaceship Earth will actually be finished, but if the Haunted Mansion refurbishment has taught us anything, it will be when they’re good and ready for it to be done and not before then.

Posted on February 23, 2008
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