Waste Management opens

by on February 23, 2008

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Waste Management has opened and is an elaborate multi-step interactive game in Innoventions East that takes 4-person teams of guests and involves them in the processes behind the management of.. waste.

Guests queue up to enter a large area behind a full-size green dump truck and hear a introductory speech and then type in some vital statistics into a touch screen. The team choices determine how much waste their team produces on average in a year.

An Innoventions hosts then retrieves a miniature dump truck from the nearby parking lot which has the teams data loaded onto it which will be driven around to various stations for the 3 games to be played to sort, burn, and process the trash into a landfill. The truck lights up and even beeps when it backs up.

The games are fun and require the truck to be docked to record the data and have trash levels based on the team inputs from earlier games. The first game, a trash sorting game, assigns each player a type of trash to sort and uses touch screens as a virtual conveyor belt.

Two other games give players on the team similar tasks to process the waste and eventually awards the team a certificate showing their accomplishments.

Posted on February 23, 2008
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