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Toy Story Mania Soft Opening?

by on February 23, 2008

Rumors lately are that soft openings for Toy Story Mania will begin on April 25th.

Snow White reopens Safer then ever

by on February 23, 2008

Snow White’s Scary Adventure has reopened from refurbishment and though it doesn’t appear to have changed much visually, it has had intrusion mats installed along the ride path. Now when guests step out of ride vehicles when they are in motion, the ride will stop immediately.

Waste Management opens

by on February 23, 2008

Waste Management has opened and is an elaborate multi-step interactive game in Innoventions East that takes 4-person teams of guests and involves them in the processes behind the management of.. waste.

Guests queue up to enter a large area behind a full-size green dump truck and hear a introductory speech and then type in some vital statistics into a touch screen. The team choices determine how much waste their team produces on average in a year.

An Innoventions hosts then retrieves a miniature dump truck from the nearby parking lot which has the teams data loaded onto it which will be driven around to various stations for the 3 games to be played to sort, burn, and process the trash into a landfill. The truck lights up and even beeps when it backs up.

The games are fun and require the truck to be docked to record the data and have trash levels based on the team inputs from earlier games. The first game, a trash sorting game, assigns each player a type of trash to sort and uses touch screens as a virtual conveyor belt.

Two other games give players on the team similar tasks to process the waste and eventually awards the team a certificate showing their accomplishments.

Animation Touring being invested in

by on February 23, 2008

Disney has filed a permit to invest in the Animation tour at the Studios park to the tune of $82,000. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge for this project.

Segway Lawsuit Dropped

by on February 23, 2008

A brief news update, a recent lawsuit that was being brought against Disney because they wouldn’t allow disable guests to use Segways as a mode of transport ion in Disney theme parks was dismissed by a judge because the three guests who brought the suit against Disney had no intention of visiting a Disney theme park in the near future.

Haunted Mansions still being tweaked

by on February 23, 2008

A minor but impressive updated: The singing busts in the graveyard of the haunted Mansion have had their projections altered to improve the effect. Attractions Magazine brings us this videos via Youtube.

Spaceship Earth Ride Not Finished

by on February 23, 2008

Though it has reopened, the Spaceship Earth ride is not entirely complete and is still be minored refurbished. Several new additions have been added since the first reopening in late 2007, and small bits are still being tweaked.

Notably, after this second closure the lighting has been worked on and the descent has had triangular panels added which are not finished but glow in a blue light. They appear unfinished as of our last inspection but seem to be part of a larger interested effect for the space.

Also, large neon wires now drape over the telephone routing scene, and smokestacks replace the blank wall as you transition from the Sistine Chapel to the Industrial Revolution. Also, the famously backwards paperboy now faces a well painted cityscape.

We are unsure of when Spaceship Earth will actually be finished, but if the Haunted Mansion refurbishment has taught us anything, it will be when they’re good and ready for it to be done and not before then.

Project Tomorrow finishing touches

by on February 23, 2008

Imagineering recently revealed the final parts of the new Project Tomorrow post-show for Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

The screens around the ceiling have come to life, showcasing the faces of guests as snapped on the ride itself, and also showing profiles and images of Siemens students scholars who they are recognizing. The large central globe now shows faces of riders and then roughly where they live, as they chose on the touch screen of the ride.

A major new feature is the central kiosk in the space. It allows you to find your image and future as chosen on the ride, as you approach, it recognizes your face and loads you photo and scene – if it doesn’t work you can find it by the choices you made on the ride, and see just how many other people made the same choices recently, which can be mind boggling in and of itself. Once found, that image can be emailed home.

DHS has Dream Magic Hour

by on February 23, 2008

As part of the Year(s) of a Million(+) Dreams, the Disney Hollywood Studios recently awarded several guests private VIP-time in the park and exclusive attraction admission during a Dream Magic Hour period on February 23rd.

The only problem we see with these types of prizes is that regular day guests who would normally be able to stay and shop in the park beyond the normal park closing and forced out of the park as it closes abruptly. Oh well, it doesn’t look like there will be a third 18-month “Year” of a million dreams at least.

Cheesecake Factory leaving DisneyQuest

by on February 23, 2008

The Cheesecake Factory will be departing DisneyQuest as the provider of food and beverage and will be replaced starting in June. DisneyQuest will continue to operate through the transition. No word yet on the replacement.