Fort Wilderness Campground Rennovations

The Fort Wilderness Campground will be remodeled to feature expanded parking areas and better maneuverability for the larger RVs of today, including those that exceed 45 feet in length and/or have multiple slide outs. The campsites will be will be wider (up to 24 ft), and deeper (up to 60 ft). They will also feature new upgraded picnic tables and grills and new landscaping. All sites will include cable and offer high-speed Internet access for an addition daily fee.

The Coquina area (dirt pad) will be completely paved. Tents will still be allowed on these sites, however, it will be difficult to secure a tent to the ground as the entire campsite pad will be paved, making it impossible to drive tent stakes into the ground to anchor a tent.

As the sites are converted, pet loops will be re-designated as Loops: 500, 700, 800, 900, 1200 and 1300.