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Update Spa Ratings and Reviews

by on May 30, 2008

We’ve updated the Orlando Spa ratings and reviews for the 2009 edition of the book. It’s a tough job over here at the Guide. 🙂

Treehouse Down

by on May 29, 2008

Disney has begun costruction of the new Treehouse Villas by taking down the old Treehouse Villas. Construction can be seen along the banks of the rivers leading to Downtown Disney.

Star Tours 2.0?

by on May 29, 2008

In a recent interview on the production of the newest Indiana Jones film, the special effects wizards at Industrial Light and Magic mentioned they were currently working on a Star Tours ride related project with new effects.

DVC opens in Fantasyland

by on May 29, 2008

The DVC kiosk in Fantasyland has opened. The circus-themed technicolor dream reminds us of Disneyland’s Casey Jr. Circus Train and makes us wish they’d built the attraction there instead of the kiosk.

This kiosk is more elaborate then most and is likely to be used to push the DVC at the Contemporary resort once it is formally announced.

American Idol going to Disney World

by on May 29, 2008

Somewhat predictably, the latest winner of American Idol announced he was heading to Disney World on national television to celebrate his winning. If only they’d finish construction on the American Idol attraction.

Free stuff returns to Epcot

by on May 29, 2008

With the closure o Fantastic Plastics in Innoventions the
Epcot experience had become sorely lacking in free stuff to take home with you. To amend this, the recently opened Velcro exhibit now offers free stuff!

The exhibit allows you to select a velcro frog and frog-accessories to combine into a wearable wrist-trap frog friend. Though simple, the toy is engaging to create and cute enough to want to wear proudly the rest of the day.

Toy Story Midway Mania is open

by on May 29, 2008

The Toy Story Midway Mania attraction is open and is accepting guests as well as operating fastpass.

The new attraction seems to be getting off to a good start with plenty of enthusiasm from fans and even Disney’s toughest critics.

The attraction involves riding through the scenes while wearing 3D glasses and shotting at the screens with a shotter mounted to the front of the vehicle. It spins slightly between the scenes, but it does not whip you around.

The ride offers a standby, single rider, and fastpass queue. The wheelchair accessible loading area splits from these three queues at a choke point where those three queues continue up some stairs. The parties with wheelchairs are routed to the side and a special loading area. During previews, the accessible vehicles often had a longer wait then the standby queue.

Prince Caspian to open in June

by on May 29, 2008

The Narnia: Prince Caspain walk-through experience at the Studios will open on June 26th with possible soft openings earlier in the month.

Jr Chef fades away

by on May 29, 2008

A reminder, the Jr Chef experience in the Land pavilion at Epcot has ended and will not return. Refurbishment walls went up today making the old area nearly invisible.

Ariel’s Grotto to Grow?

by on May 29, 2008

A new rumor has surfaced suggesting that The Little Mermaid will soon have a e-ticket quality attraction somewhere in the Magic Kingdom. Though a few years down the road, the ride is said to be a clone of the attraction Disney is planning to build at Disney’s California Adventure.